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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Abandoned facility in Russia contains preserved bodies resembling aliens

We have heard many myths and stories of scientists or doctors experimenting on human beings for the sake of science or the evolution of mankind. Countless movies have been made based on such things, and what we see on the screen is not too far fetched from what actually happens in reality. -49

An abandoned pathology lab in Tobolsk, Western Siberia, is being investigated by Russian police after a medical student made a shocking discovery.

After Georgy Grogorchuk had been taking a walk in a park where children often visit, a facility with an open entrance piqued his curiosity. The med student decided to enter the building whereupon he saw a horrifying scene. There were mucky shelves that displayed skulls, plastic jars that contained remains and had dates written on the sides, and slides used from blood tests.

The student stated that he had heard about this facility from other alumni of his medical college. He had also heard that the abandoned things the place was filled with would be interesting. As a medical student, it is not a surprise that such things interested him.

The police officers decided to launch an investigation after the gruesome findings of mortal remains and mummified corpses of infants. In the abandoned facility, human bones and body parts were also dispersed.

On numerous bodies of the babies, there were scars that indicated where surgical procedures had been made. Some of these procedures had been carried out as early as 3 years ago.

What was the purpose of these inhuman experiments? Did the people responsible for these horrible acts succeed in their plans? Perhaps the tests were done as an attempt to create more intelligent and more advanced human beings. Maybe this was all done in hope for a better generation to shape our future. Whatever the reason was, their atrocious acts could not justify their deeds. Let’s just hope that if they succeeded in whatever they did, that their intentions and goals will not threaten us. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

UFO Flashed by Plane Caught On Video

Unidentified Flying Object in Rome caught from a professional photographer's camera left UFO investigators puzzled.

A man did not realize what he captured after filming a plane from his camera not after he reviewed the film. Aside from the plane, his camera captured an object that UFO researchers are still wondering what it could be. The professional photographer noticed a strange object popped into his screen for a period of time.

The Mediterranean UFO Center is still investigating and examining the video to determine what the object is. From the analysis of C.UFO.M, investigator Angelo Maggioni ruled out that it was a bird or a balloon. It was said that it was too high for a bird to fly and appeared to have moving lights to say it was a balloon. The height where the object was located is calculated to be 13,000 meters or is lower to where the plane was flying. As the camera shifts to keep track of the plain, the UFO was seen to flash by. It is said that the UFO was stationary or moving slowly. Some reflections were noted and seen to the left, but the location of the sun, which was to the left. If the object is an odd-shaped or misshapen, reflections would change rapidly. But because of the UFO's lights everything is in odd place making it remain as an Unidentified Flying Object.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Locations of flying saucers in Oregon: Map created to spot UFO activity in the U.S.A.

Over time, there have been countless reports of strange objects flying across the Earth’s skies and it’s hard to keep track of all of them. Fortunately for us, Find the Best brought to life an interactive map to follow UFO activity across America, by county and per unit. Just like other states in the West, Oregon is where countless unidentified flying objects have been spotted.

The Mutual UFO Network is an organization that collects information without trying to validate or refute the existence of separate sightings. This is where the map uses the sightings that are brought directly to the organization.

The map indicates that Lake County has 116.9 sightings per 100,000 people and therefore has the most UFO sightings in Oregon. The place with the lowest activity is Polk Country with only 9.2 sightings. Multnomah has 39.9 sightings while Clackamas County has exactly 25.

This is very good timing for the state’s annual UFO festival (McMenamins UFO Festival), which will take place in Downtown McMinnville from May 14 to 17. There will be many free events, while others will require tickets. Aside from topics on these foreign objects, the festival will also feature experts and aficionados giving lectures on other subjects, as well as amusement and the UFO Costume Parade.

Yamhill County has a total amount of 25.1 UFO sightings per 100,00 people, which is rather low in the state of Oregon but still higher compared to most places in the country.

In the Pacific Northwest, Klickitat County has had many reports of strange devices passing through their sky. The county has 116.9 sightings per 100,000 people, just like Lake County, making it a hotspot as well for UFO activity.

Klickitat County is supposedly a place where aliens take the form of a cow. There have been claims that at least nine cows are secretly aliens.

Given the numerous UFO sightings in this area, is it actually possible that aliens are among us, disguised as domesticated ungulates? 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Tube-shaped UFO seen above a Mexican volcano whilst flying

Mexico is one of the places who have seen many high profile UFO sightings in several years. One of it is the famous incident in 2004, in which Jaime Maussan interviewed Mexican Air Force Pilots showing and infrared video showing at least 11 very hot “spheres” moving irregularly with great speed. These objects couldn’t be seen with the naked eye, and so as the crew or whoever manning these objects cannot be seen. It’s a UFO or what they call Unidentified Flying Object. That’s what it claimed about. This time another sighting has been reported. A video has gone viral today that claimed to have taken a glimpse of a moving object in a shape of a cigar or a stick across the starry night sky. As seen on the video the object was observed to be larger than any other astronomical phenomenon we can perceive of. And it was also girdled with weird lights as it was moving.

The video was by Mister Enigma, a science website with an account in Youtube that frequently uploads videos about strange sightings of UFO’s or Unidentified Flying Objects. The website stated that the video was taken on 3rd of May year 2015 above a volcano in Mexico named Popocatepetl, which is located 43 miles southeast of Mexico City.

Apart from this sighting, similar shaped Unidentified flying objects are reported to be seen in different parts of North America and Mexico these past eight months.

In February, a same shaped object was seen above the same volcano. In October, two separate sightings in Georgia, one sighting of three in Ohama, Nebraska, and another in Charleston, West Virginia, and in Texas, and in Ontario, Canada. What could be this strange sightings be implying? Does it mean something? Are they somewhat delivering a message if it is true? Or is it just another photographic and video anomaly?