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Saturday, May 9, 2015

NASA Photographs Show An Image Of Classic Alien Spacecraft

Keen eyes of a UFO spotter discovered an alien-looking craft in a 55-year-old NASA photo from the early years of the space programme. Scott C Waring said he spotted a strange object in the image from 1960 taken by an unmanned probe. The picture was taken during the Mercury project in the early years of the US space exploration.

Waring believes that alien observers have been monitoring the progress of human technology and activities in space from the beginning of mankind’s mission into space.

Waring is particularly referring to the image captured on December 19, 1960 by space capsule Mercury-Redstone 1A.

He posted a story about the UFO in the photo to his blog. He said that he found a disk in space observing the Mercury capsule. He pointed out that the disk is hard to see in the first photo, but clear enough in three photos later. The disk appears with a wedge cut out of it.

Project Mercury was running from 1959 through 1963. It was the first human spaceflight program of the US. The first US mission brought several significant firsts in human history including when Alan Shepherd became the first American into space in May 1961, and in February 1962 John Glenn became the first man to orbit Earth.

Just few months ago, an internet UFO researcher and Mr Waring were inviting the attention of UFO enthusiasts by presenting NASA photos from the pre-Apollo era when they came across two glowing objects in a photo from 1966 Gemini mission.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Dancing Lights In the Sky Over Pampanga, Philippines (Multiple Witnesses)

Online posts from netizens featuring videos and photos of dancing lights taken from Lubao Diversion Road in Pampanga, Philippines a few days ago have created a buzz on the internet.

One video posted last April 26 seems to show fiery lights hovering in the sky. According to Paolo Gallardo, the one who posted the video, the lights stayed in one spot for around 5 to 8 minutes.

Gallardo also posted a photo of the exact location where they spotted and captured the dancing lights on video. The area has no mountains and buildings. Gallardo revealed that it was his cousin Patrick Gallardo first noticed the mysterious lights.

Another netizen Jojo Dimagiba posted a video of the same dancing lights but cited that it was along SCTEX.

Aside from the videos, photos of the said lights also made round online. One photo from Jhic De Guzman Dimagiba has a caption saying that the camera being used was on aperture priority. The light patterns in the picture are similar to the two videos from Gallardo and Dimagiba.

Michael Francis Mendoza pointed out that a friend from Pampanga also captured the dancing lights in a photo, which Mendoza included in his comment.

Some netizens say the Pampanga Lights could be a UFO sighting while others say it may be a convergence of fireflies. Apparently, there was a UFO sighting report in Pampanga prior to this sighting. It happened last year 2000 when mysterious lights also observed dancing in the sky for around 5 hours over the towns of Mabalacat and Angeles. No updates can be found anywhere about it though.

What do you think about the dancing lights? UFO sighting? Convergence of fireflies? Or maybe some strong land-based halogen lights that reflected on the clouds? Tell us your thoughts about it.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Strange Lights Spotted Over San Diego (VIDEO)

Strange UFO had emerged over Southwest San Diego, and a resident captured it on video. The footage snapped by Larry Fox seems to show multiple light sources floating in the sky above Coronado Bridge. The apparent cluster of multi-colored orbs hovered without making any noise in the air for several minutes before disappearing entirely.

Fox, as well as other witnesses, said the lights appeared to be green, blue, and red as it kept flashing and changing colors. He likened it to a strobe light, a series of flashing lights. He ruled out a plane as a possible explanation because it would have moved.

When you observe the video carefully, the lights in the sky are nearly the same to the lights on the ground, indicating that they are lens flares. However, one of the lights in the sky does not pulse at the same time and doesn’t sync with the lights on the ground.

The sighting was also witnessed by an NBC 7 reporter and photographer. When the reporter covered a story on Tuesday night, the lens of their camera captured the strange phenomenon. According to the station, they contacted the military stationed nearby to try getting some answers about it, but so far, they receive no response.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Latest triangle UFO videos!

Here are 3 UFO videos of a triangular formations in the sky, that were recorded over UK and USA last month.

El Paso, Texas

Phoenix, Arizona - April 8

Workington, UK - April 19