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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Strange Response Received From the US When They Tried To Detonate a Nuclear Weapon on the Moon

It was in 1950 that Colonel Ross Dedrickson maintained the inventory of nuclear weapon stockpile designed for AEC. The purpose of his job, among many others, was to accompany the security teams in checking out the weapons. With such a strong professional background, it was safe to infer that he was a close party to sensitive information on different subject matters. Apparently, the story is not just about a high-ranking whistleblower in military speaking about a random issue. There are a lot of documents and whistleblowers outlining a relationship between nuclear storage facilities and UFOs.

Some incidents have a visual confirmation, together with ground and air radar confirmation. In the interview, Colonel Dedrickson explains how the US government tried to detonate a nuclear weapon on the moon, but they were prevented from doing so. As for the mainstream media, it has already become public knowledge that a declassified report by the On June 1959, Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center shows how seriously they contemplated in the plan known as the Project A119. They wanted to examine the capacity of weapons in the space. Also, they want to gain more insight into the space environment as well as the detonation of different nuclear devices within the environment.

As far as the black budget story goes, it is interesting to see how the community adores Stranger Things, but ignore the statement brought by a high-ranking American Colonel who has been in the Department of Energy for years and has held sensitive information at a time when all of this nuclear development was the trend. As you can see, Stranger Things is a famous television show that portrays the Department of Energy as well as their involvement with other strange creatures and facts, in other words, he is the real deal in strange things, and people should listen what he has to say.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Mysterious Object Flying Across The Moon Leave The Viewers Baffled

UFO is the abbreviation for unknown flying objects that are used to be the secrets of the sky. However, the increasing appearances and encounters have ceased the idea of secrecy because the main issue is due to its existence. Today, there appear many people who affirm that they have seen the aliens. Unfortunately, some people try to find the proofs that they are just an idle fancy. They try to explain the phenomena with the help of weather problems, graphs, charts, statistics and other evidence. However, the facts are quite important and severe, and the researchers affirm that the flying object existed and was under control of brilliant creations. How about the mysterious object flying across the moon? Does it have a new explanation?

A witness reported seeing an odd object that produces a spiral shape as the lens zooms in. However, he was not certain if it has a triangular shaped or a black mark with a trail of dark fumes from something else. After the object had crossed the moon, it was no longer illuminated by its glow and began to disappear. The video was posted to an Arabic news site and was filmed in the astronomical observatory in Oman through a high-powered telephoto lens. The nature of the footage has made it difficult to determine whether the object is more than an odd shadow. Since the footage has been uploaded, over 100,000 people have watched, and mixed theories began to emerge as to the nature of the object. Several YouTube users believed that the object bears a resemblance to NASA's logo, while others proposed it looked like a "space squid." 

Millions of people have reported sightings for decades now. In spite of this, the phenomenon is still not examined. There are many studies by qualified observers of objects which cannot be recognized by the witness and continue being unknown immediately after an investigation by proficient investigators. 

Friday, March 31, 2017

Footage Shows Illuminati Destroying Alien Black Knight Satellite

Illuminati is a name given to groups, be it real or fictitious. The goals were to oppose obscurantism, superstition, religious influence over the public life as well as the abuses of state power. The Illuminati, Freemasonry and some other secret societies were outlawed through edict. The alleged 13,000-year-old Black Knight spaceship is popular among alien hunters claiming it was planted years ago to watch over humans on Earth. According to conspiracy theorists, a strange video was “leaked” online after the YouTube account of a certain user was hacked. In the video, it shows how the alien satellite was destroyed. One YouTube channel user believes that a fireball vaporized the alien ship. Last week, a channel run by Tyler Glockner, a prominent UFO Hunter, argued that the video of “crash sites” on the moon has proved how aliens were involved in a space war.

Currently, footage from the enthusiast shows how the alien’s Black Knight satellite has broken apart. According to Tyler, an Illuminati destroyed the alien using an anti-matter missile. The fireball turns into a round flying orb. However, Tyler admits that he is skeptical on the footage because it is very sketchy. Due to the strange footage, he received Twitter and Facebook messages, and emails. He said that the strange YouTube channel that uploaded the clip does not appear to be credible. Instead of this credibility inquiry, Tyler would like to question where this video came from. Unfortunately, the source was not determined. Upon the other hand, he still believes that it does look like a legitimate of something burning in the atmosphere. The question, is this a video that is leaked online ended up on the internet? The Black Knight was discovered by Nikola Tesla back in 1932 and is believed to be 13,000 years old.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

UFO Hovering Above The Moon

Government cover-ups of UFOs and aliens have been around for quite some time, but the latest one can be mind-blowing. The footage from NASA showing the 1969 Apollo 12 mission has recently brought some controversies among UFO enthusiasts.

Some UFO researchers think the video and images show a UFO hovering over the moon. Others believe the mysterious lights in the footage could validate the rumors about a secret U.S. government spacecraft. Specifically, they are referring to the alleged surveillance aircraft of the U.S. Air Force.

Adding the mystery to the video are the reports of similar craft flying over Antelope Valley in California deserts.

While the latest video has gone viral, not everybody is convinced on the triangular formation of lights to be an indication of extra-terrestrial life. Some people argue that aliens would be more advanced to use lights, which usually cause people to notice them.

There are also some viewers who think that the footage only shows half of the truth. They say that it is edited to make a viral video and earn money from it.

Further investigations could give more details about the footage and the alleged alien UFO.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Unusual Hitchhiker Spins Around A Huge Asteroid

Conspiracy theorists have observed an apparent hitchhiker of a massive asteroid that sailed safely passed the Earth. They believe it is clearly an alien spacecraft.

The small, disc-shaped object was discovered using NASA’s Deep Space Network, a massive radar array in Goldstone California.

Alien hunters say that a UFO, which is 70 meters long, orbits asteroid 2004 BL86. NASA say it is a small moon, but UFO observers it is unlikely.

In focused photos released online in various UFO websites, the mysterious object can be seen with a long metallic cylinder hull. On the opposite sides, there are two smaller cylinder sections. Observers say the UFO is spinning, which make the observers see different angles of the thing.

It is estimated to have come 750,000 miles from Earth.

However, a couple of issues have been brought out with this sighting. One is that alien hunters boasting it as one of the best sightings in 2016, but it is, in fact, takes place on January 27, 2015.

The asteroid will make such close pass again after 200 years. NASA explains in 2015 that the radar images presented asteroid 2004 BL86 with its moon, which is quite common.

The space agency added that approximately 16 percent of asteroids near the Earth are a binary system (about 655 feet main asteroid with a smaller asteroid moon orbiting it) or even a triple system (an asteroid with two moons).

Monday, November 23, 2015

Astronaut’s Tweet: Does This Prove UFO’s Exist?

Few years ago, people over the whole world had been sharing abduction stories by humanoid creatures traveling in a weird discoid aerial vehicles. Throughout the kidnapping, they examine the victim and experiment on him psychologically and physically. There are both own and cultural variations in these histories, but they are so consistent that one is inclined to conclude that this goes on mostly as told. However, the perpetrators need still not be alien beings, but mortal humans. However, is this case an exception to the statement?

An image tweeted by an astronaut on the International Space Station has gained with excitement as it seems like it shows a UFO soaring in the sky. The photo was being shared by Scott Kelly, the US astronaut who has been in space for 236 days. It is intriguing content has spoken to alien believers who believe that the 51-year-old is attempting to tell the world about the alien existence. It was on Sunday that the image was shared on Kelly's Twitter account along with a caption that stated “Day 233.” While the world is an overwhelming sight, it is something in the image that has intrigued alien or extraterrestrial spotters. Sonofmabarker, the YouTube channel, posted a footage stating that Scott Kelly tweets the photo taken while the ISS was over India.

On each end, there is a large object with two lights on each end in the upper right of the photo. The picture also appears to be constructed and huge. Experts were thankful that Scott Kelly sends the photo to Earth, and according to them, the footage or photo that is quite strange will be left for the people to decide. Those who feel that space agencies including NASA are concealing alien's existence follow the ISS live feed streamed and regularly propose that some strange aliens and extraterrestrials monitor the space station.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Space UFO That Is Expected To Crash On Earth In November Triggers Speculation About The Beginning Of An End

A mysterious metallic object is supposed to arrive on Friday, November 13, the third Friday that falls on the 13th day of the month in 2015. Some religious conspiracy theorists make a big deal of the high number of Friday 13s this year. Only one Friday 13 in 2014 and only one in 2016.

They claim the expected impact, which may not lead to the end of the world, can be a sign of the “Second Coming Of Jesus and Judgement Day.”

While astronomers have yet to identify the origin of the space debris, it is thought to have been part of something that scientists once sent into space.

Scientists named the space object as WT1190F while amateurs called it WTF for the reason that no one knows what exactly it is.

It could be part of the remains of a US craft sent for a lunar space program. But the uncertainty has made some UFO enthusiasts to think that it could be part of a real alien ship.

The object only measures up to two metres across and may burn up almost entirely in Earth’s atmosphere over the Indian Ocean at 06:19 GMT.

According to the scientists’ estimate, everything left after the burning in the atmosphere will plunge into the Indian Ocean, 40 miles south of Sri Lanka.

Astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell of Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Massachusetts believes more junk will follow the object, and they need to monitor more man-made objects coming back to Earth from deep space.

McDowell said there was no funded and real effort to perform tracking of deep-Earth orbits like tracking low-Earth orbit. He believes that it has to change.

Conspiracists are dwelling a lot more into the date of landing. Youtube user TheGroxt1 posted a video to the video sharing site and said that he didn’t believe the impact would destroy the Earth. He added, however, that it could be a sign from God that we are almost at the time when the Revelation 18 millstone comes. He explained that the space junk could be a sign because the millstone in the Bible was cast into the sea.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

New NASA Photos Shows 3 Separate UFOs Watching Moon Landings

Do aliens exist? This inquiry is one of the most difficult so far. The main reason some people believed that foreign nationals and extraterrestrial creatures existed are because certain people are claiming to have testimonies about its existence. The mere fact that many people have already experienced witnessing the spacecraft be hovering in the sky leads to a more distinct evidence that an alien invasion is somewhat reasonable enough to be true. Though evidence such as video tapes and photos is escalating these days, people are still not sure about its authenticity.

NASA is a form of US government agency in charge of the civilian space program, aerospace, and aeronautics research. The prominent alien creature hunters launched a push to show aliens do exist by searching through thousands of freshly released NASA photos of the Moon landings. As a result, researchers claim to have seen three separate pictures showing strange humanoid creatures nearby the lunar surface following US space agency archive online.

Earlier this week, NASA released high-quality photographs taken from the Apollo missions. More than 8,400 were being uploaded to Flickr by the American space agency. One picture during Apollo 17 has become the breakthrough. According to the UFO spotters, it shows a strange triangular craft with lights on it. Whether the image is real or not is not a question as it was being taken from NASA. Triangle-shaped is a typical sighting seen by millions of people around the world. In fact, it occurred in Belgium and some other countries many times.

While many believe that they are secret military technology, there are those that think that they prove intelligent beings are visiting Earth. Another picture of Apollo 12 by Jason Hunter shows a glowing strange object watching the Apollo lander soar across the moon.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Researchers Explain Giant UFOs Near The Sun

NASA picture shows monster ships orbiting the Sun, according to UFO chasers who believe that aliens may be trying to drain our star’s solar power.

Claims about three spaceships orbiting the Sun come from UFO researchers who have seen images of a massive solar flare in recently re-released images. YouTube user Streetcap1 claims to have noticed a UFO around the sun and posted a footage of it to the video sharing website.

UFO researcher Scott C Waring also examined the NASA pictures. He said that the right angles on the ship look like a massive crystal tower in space and lines along its edges can also be seen. He counted 17 angles on the UFO.

Waring noted that the photo was taken by a Solar and Heliospheric Observatory satellite (SOHO), which is being used to photograph our sun. He also noticed a second ship that looks the same in size with the first one, but its centre is less visible and thinner.

Waring speculates that the giant UFOs met in our Sun to carry out a United Worlds kind of meeting. Or they were there to suck our Sun’s energy. If his second theory is correct, then he believes that the sun will not last 5 billion years as what scientists predicted. He thinks the sun’s energy may only last below a billion years.

There have been various UFOs observed near the Sun as increasing number of conspiracy theorists took notice an array of anomalies in NASA photos.

In April 2015, a video that seemingly shows a UFO with a resemblance to Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic patterns near the sun made rounds online. However, sceptics have been pointing out that the craft getting so near to the sun would be obliterated by the heat as the sighting always seem to coincide with a solar flare.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Massive Space Objects Have Been Tracked Docking Behind the Moon In Circular Formation

Numerous space objects baffled government officials as to why they have docked themselves on the hidden side of the moon. Dr. Eric Norton, who worked as an outside consultant to the NASA and NSA for the past 12 years, was hired to give a closer look at various objects in space, such as comets and meteors. However, he has been following several UFOs that were heading towards Earth recently.

Norton saw large, three-dimensional black structures in space flying in straight line formation towards planet Earth on January 22, 2012. The objects seemed to have force fields that deflected space particles from hitting them, somewhat similar to the magnetic field around the earth. Norton said that the objects came near to the Earth that they could see the structural features of them in high detail using their telescopes. Norton claimed that the objects formed a three-dimensional L-shaped. On January 2013, the object had been tracked to approximately 200,000 miles past the planet Mars. Then the object suddenly disappeared upon reaching this point.

Norton said he knew that high-ranking government officials were worried about these imposing structures because he was guarded 24/7 by Secret Service agents heavily. He claimed that they watched these things in disbelief for nearly the whole year of 2013. They don’t have any idea of what was happening and where these massive flying things came from. According to Norton’s calculations, these things can be seen from Earth right now had they never keep themselves invisible from us. They did not know whether these things still moving towards Earth, or they had left the solar system.

Dr. Norton was sent home and told to wait for additional order but had not heard anything else about the mysterious objects for around six months. He decided to call his close friend whom he worked with confidentially. This person reportedly told Norton that the objects made an appearance again and concealed themselves in the hidden area of the moon in a circular type of alignment. They docked the backside of the moon, which made them invisible to sky observers from Earth.

Norton said that he understood the reason the government classified the information related to the massive UFOs behind the moon. He explained that if the information were declassified, it would cause a breakdown of all religions and the society itself. Though Norton and colleagues did not have an idea about the activity of the three large structures in space, he noted that these unusual space objects may have been changing the magnetic waves in our planet’s gravitational field. Those who believe that the moon is a big satellite think that the creator might have been back. However, all of these are speculations as of now and only time can tell if they are correct.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

YouTube Video Shows Apparent UFOs Observing The Final Mission Of The Gemini Space Project

UFO researchers spotted not one, but two bright objects this week in a NASA photo shot in 1966, nearly 50 years ago, showing the last mission of the Gemini space project. Many concluded that these UFOs were alien spacecraft keeping an eye on the progress of mankind in exploring space. Meanwhile, some believe that this particular UFO discovery just featuring a flaw in a NASA photo from about 50 years ago.

The effort of YouTube UFO enthusiast Streetcap1 resulted on the find. Streetcap1 observed two multicolored dots on a photo taken by Gemini XII. The four-year Gemini program of the U.S. saw a number of significant firsts as it is the early phase of the country’s space program. Among the firsts are the first human spacewalk, first manned spacecraft to orbit the Earth at an altitude of 850 miles, and the first docking of two space ships.

UFO researchers believe that advanced alien race observed all those first developments. According to the observations made by blogger and UFO enthusiast Scott Waring, the two ships are in high detail and appear to be following the Gemini mission nearby to witness human history in the making.

Streetcap1 enhanced the NASA photo in the video he posted to the video sharing site. In the description, Streetcap1 called the two objects The Gemini Twins. The uploader doesn’t not rule out the possibility that the two are human-made satellites, but also notes that there were fewer satellites orbiting in 1966 than today.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Chances To Find Extraterrestrials Would Be Better At Older Super-Earths

Astronomer, Laura Schaefer at Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, has run computer simulations to know if these similar factors would result in the same on Earth-like planets, which are five times more massive than Earth.

Earthlike worlds that are around 2 to 4 times the mass of Earth would be capable of establishing and maintaining their oceans better than Earth, according to Schaefer’s finding. Her finding specifically suggests that super-Earths possibly keep their oceans vital for up to ten billion years. However, Schaefer notes that once alien worlds grew further, their ability to jumpstart oceanic growth will be hindered by size.
Schaefer, therefore, concludes that looking for ET life would be best possible at older super-Earths. Scientists and alien hunters at SETI might get better results if they use foreign oceans as their guide for extraterrestrial life. However, many aquatic inhabitants here on Earth are still unknown and yet to be explored. Perhaps, it would be best for scientists to start exploring deep into Earth’s ocean to discover a life that is equally alien.

The elements that help sustain life on Earth may also present in extragalactic super-Earths as suggested by a new study. These alien worlds are believed to contain similar eon-spanning oceans that play a significant role in the birth and evolution of Earth life.

It has been scientifically established that water is necessary for life and its development. Earth’s oceans appear to have been designed for all terrestrials as they have been around for billions of years, allowing water to catalyze a release of biological complexity.

Infant Earth was bombarded by countless of comets and asteroids. Water ices and rocky materials from outer solar system hit our planet. Accumulated alien ices covered the titanic gulfs surrounding Earth’s continents while also depositing the enormous amount of water in the planet’s mantle. Entire oceans lie beneath the seafloor because of the continuous subduction of Earth’s tectonic plates. These oceans are waiting to be brought back to the global water table by mid-ocean ridges and deep-sea volcanoes.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Dwarf Aliens On Martian Surface

UFO observer Scott Waring believes that Martian surface once held a tribe of dwarves. He came up such theory after discovering NASA pictures that apparently show remains of a long-lost race of tiny beings. He posted pictures online that seemed to show what he called an abandoned spaceship and a little ancient structure.

Other observers also noticed workmen, humans, and alien thigh bone in photos of the Red Planet’s surface. Waring thinks that the tiny inhabitants would only measure a few centimeters tall. He believes that it would be unscientific if he closes his mind and says that such thing is impossible.

He said that if a person says it’s not possible, he or she isn’t smart enough to see the big picture. He firmly believes that he spotted real anomaliesfrom ancient Martian culture.

Some speculate that if little green men once lived on Mars then they may have worshipped a being with similarity to Princess Nefertiti, wife of an Egyptian pharaoh.

Waring also spotted a face on one of the hills of Mars. He said that it looked like alien species because it does not look human. So, what happened to the micro-Martians if this speculation is true?

Well, Dr. John Brandenburg has the answer. He said that they were probably killed by another species. But he warned that noisy humans could be next.

Scientists have yet to find evidence of life anywhere in the Universe outside planet Earth, but signs are there.

In 2014, Curiosity Rover found a methane burp on Mars. Scientists are hopeful that they could find alien life in the form of bacteria similar to Earth, but no similar microorganisms have ever discovered on Mars yet. NASA researchers suggest that life possibly existed on the Red Planet when it was still wet enough for life as we know it.