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Showing posts with label abductions. Show all posts

Friday, April 8, 2016

Police officer Claims Being 'ABDUCTED by Aliens after They Stalked Him

Abductions are chains of procedures and events directed by the abductors to control or passive abductees. In UFO abduction, humans are eradicated of their usual environment by the aliens. They are taken aboard; their clothes are removed to lie on a table. A series of mental, physical, and productive procedures are administered. A former PC Alan Godfry remains convinced that aliens may have abducted him. Mr. Godfrey was on patrol in the early hours of November 28, 1980, upon insisting a huge UFO spotted him while searching for a missing cattle.

When he was on Burnley Road, he heard about the outskirts looking for the animals that have been reported missing. At first, he thought it was a bus coming few hundred meters away. As they got nearer, he realized it was not a bus a large mass. According to him, the object has a fuzzy oval shape that rotated at the right speed and hovered low. He claimed that he stopped to sketch the "UFO" on his pad, but failed to do so due to the burst of light. His initial recollection was upon driving, the mysterious object was gone.

When he turned to return, he believed it happened. The vicinity was wet due to the rain, but there he found a circular patch where it had been swirled. Once back, the officer realized he was lost for 15 minutes. He was not going to report the incident for fear of ridicule, but he did on the same day. They convinced him to conduct hypnotic regression that produced a strange testimony. After providing information about his regression, he got back to his superiors, and he was sent for mental and medical health assessments. But, he could not shake off the strange encounter, and later resign years after being injured in the line of duty. Jenny Randles, the British UFOlogist who interviewed him believes that he was "refreshingly honest."