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Showing posts with label Saudi Arabia. Show all posts

Monday, October 19, 2015

Saudi Arabian Amateur Photographer Records On Video A Slow Moving UFO

A bright unidentified flying object was spotted in the sky of Saudi Arabia at night. An astronomer said the same object was also sighted over nearby Oman and Yemen.

Saudi Arabian amateur photographer, who was on a desert safari in Eastern Saudi, caught the object with his lens as it passed slowly in the skies.

The witness claimed to have seen it at a medium altitude. It was flying in slow motion and without a sound, said Mohammed Al Otaibi as quoted by Sabq newspaper. The paper also featured a short video of the object flying above the Eastern Ihsa province.

A Saudi Arabian astronomer also said that the same object had been spotted above Oman and Yemen. Just like the aerial object reported by the amateur photographer, this another flying object has not been identified yet.