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Showing posts with label Russia. Show all posts

Friday, May 26, 2017

Russian UFO Hunter Spotted Alien Spaceship Crash Landed in Antarctica

From a pyramid made by a lost civilisation to a different staircase built by the aliens, it comes without a doubt that Antarctica too has been a hotspot for UFO sightings by hunters in recent months. According to a Russian conspiracy theorist, the images show the wreckage of a massive alien spaceship that landed in Antarctica million years ago. Valentin Degteryov, the name of the Russian theorist, posted pictures of the aliens and extraterrestrials, which he claims has gone undiscovered since it is covered with snow, after spotting the dark shape on Google Earth satellite images. Such images were described as a 'final proof of secret technology' designed on Antarctica.

The hunter was from Nizhny Tagil in Western Russia. According to him, the object was 1,900-feet in length. He also believes the wreckage has only become visible because of the ice melting. Such melting of the ice was brought on the earth’s most southerly continent. As posted on the site, he claimed that it is a huge spaceship in Antarctica that has crashed landed millions of years ago. It has fallen to the big mountain with a length of 600 meters. He only became visible when the ice has finally descended.

Since yesterday, the footage posted by Degteryov has garnered thousands of viewers. However, many of the comments are sceptical. In fact, most of these viewers have dismissed his theories stating that the shape was just a small rocky outcrop on a mountain. Despite being a different sighting, it is not the first bizarre alien theory to emerge on satellite images. A mysterious and strange new video has emerged which conspiracy theorists believe may show an alien spaceship crashed landed in the sky over Antarctica. However, it is unclear for most people what the object is, and some viewers admitted that it could be a 'full blown hoax.'

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Boriska: The Extraordinary Boy from Russia Who Remembers His Past Life on Mars

Assuming that reincarnation takes place, what does the literature tell us about its existence? Two reasons have been given: First, they are given a chance to live out from desires. Second, humans were being given continued opportunities to achieve spiritual realization, breaking free from entanglement, and resume their eternal nature in the spiritual world. 

Boris Kipriyanovich also called “little Boris” is a gifted boy from Russia. He was born in 1996 and would visit a mountain to recharge himself from the world. According to the study, children with sensitive gifts find refuge in nature, and he was no different. Being a doctor, the Boriska’s mother noticed that he was stronger and more developed than other children. In fact, he was able to hold his head up for just 15 days from birth and was able to start speaking words like “baba” when he was four months old. At the age of 1, he could read newspaper headlines. However, his parents witnessed that he acquired certain knowledge not only from the outside world but also through mysterious channels. No one has ever taught Boriska and about the planetary systems, particularly the Mars and other civilizations.

Space had become his permanent topic when he turned two years old. He shared his alleged experiences in living Mars and admitted flying to Earth for research purposes when he was a Martian. Moreover, he drove a spaceship himself and positioned himself during the Lemurian civilization. Puzzled and confused, his mother brought him an Ernest Muldashev’s book entitled “Whom We Are Originated From,” he got excited about it. As he was speaking, his mother learned that Lemurians lived 70,000 years ago. She asked how he remembered all of this, and he replied, “Yes, I remember, and nobody has told me that, I saw it,”

Monday, February 22, 2016

UFO Spotted In Lake Baikal: Truth Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Do you think that the unidentified flying object is nothing more than a hoax that others try and get others to believe in? Alternatively, rather, do you think that there certainly could be some truth to UFO's? Many thought that these sightings are for real and that our government has not given us the truth about them by continue to cover them up. If you want to dig the truth, try looking around, and you will find an endless list of people who will tell you that they more than just a believer in unidentified flying object sightings. You will also find people who have had personal experiences with extraterrestrials just like in the case of a strange object found near Lake Baikal.

Baikal Lake attracts thousands of tourists annually who are impressed by its beauty and surrounding mountains offer climbers the great opportunity to get unforgettable memories, but Lake Baikal is more than this. Recent reports have poured from the people the soaring of an object that looks like a meteorite. The suspicious object is brighter and is moving slowly. The meteorite is a solid debris from the origin that originates in outer space and survives its impact with the Earth's surface. The size ranges from small to colossal. When it enters the friction, atmosphere, pressure, and chemical interactions along with the atmospheric gases causing it to radiate and heat up energy, thus forming a fireball known as falling or shooting the star. Despite the scientific explanation of a meteorite, the senior research scientist Sergei Yazev believed that the slow velocity is uncharacteristic for a bolide or comet. If the people concede that it could have been a rocket stage, the speed would still be greater. People in cities and towns near Lake Baikal have reported spotting a mysterious bright object hovering slowly through the sky, and posted photos and videos online to corroborate their accounts.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Strange Fireball Object Spotted Flying over Siberia

In this modern world, people have come to ask whether or not UFO exist? While the question needs some in-depth research, there are still many people who come to conclude that some sighting do exist. As in the case of the strange object seen hovering in the sky over Siberia. This sighting includes 'a scary but wonderful' extraterrestrial item has been spotted buzzing above the IKEA branch in Siberia, leaving lots of Russians confused by the bizarre sighting.
The fireball that cut through the sky was seen by the witness over a huge area that even Kazakhstan was included. As a result, such sighting provoked claims of social media regarding the alien visit. The strange object was taken from a car. According to the footage, it was soaring over a giant IKEA in Omsk, western Siberia. According to one theory, it was a firing test of l RS-12M Topol demanded by Vladimir Putin which launched from Kapustin Yar in cosmodrome in southern Russia. In east-central Kazakhstan, the missile hit a target at Saryshagan polygon. If so, a direct routing will never take it close to the places being sighted in the western Siberia. According to the astronomers at the Siberian State University, the 17th of November sighting is not a comet.

They even stated that such object was only the second stage of Topol (intercontinental ballistic missile) that launched at 15:12 Moscow time from the Astrakhan region. So that the trajectory does not change, it was whirling. In fact, the staffer Camila Sharzhanova said that the fuel left was discharged through side nozzles. Vladimir Krupkok, planetarium head in Oms, suggested that it could have been an unreported launch in northern Russia from Plesetsk. 

Siberia appears to be eventful these days. Not only from ordinary incidents, but also from the extraterrestrial happenings. Will the strange object or so-called the UFOs suffice in this matter?

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Giant UFO Led People to Run In Fear

The progression of technology today has good and bad effects. As you can see, it has lots of benefits. While it makes our existence easier and more convenient, it also gives an idea to people to create extreme hoaxes by editing and inserting strange images. This is not a huge problem when speaking about other aspects of life, but surely it is if we are talking about strange sightings whereby professionals and scientists are involved. In fact, skeptics of the unusual sighting make use of these hoaxes to add fuel to the fire. As you can see, they create fake videos or pictures that would not make the sighting cease to exist, even if it already existing. These creations serve to distract and confuse people within the real meaning of UFO at hand.

Recently, there is a giant and a glowing strange object soaring in the sky spotted above a town of bizarre sightings. It appears that the object has a saucer-like appearance seen as the capital of Buryatia, Russia. According to the witness, the odd object has green, blue and red lights. As soon as it appeared, the photo was being uploaded quickly to Vkontakte, the version of Facebook in Russia. As for the Siberian Times, she was with her son and other two passers-by when the strange object disappeared and reappeared again and again.

When speaking about the noise, it has a car engine sound. The men said that it might be a drone or toy plane. However, the woman said that the object is enormous with bright green lights and scared his son. Before it disappeared, someone else saw the red lights in the sky. Strange UFO sightings have cropped up around the globe in 2015. Massive "motherships" were being captured from the clouds with fears of upcoming alien invasion. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A UFO Causes Road Mishap

A video from a car camera showing a road smash involving three vehicles has gone viral online after the uploader alleged an unidentified flying object (UFO) shot past just seconds before the accident, which resulted in the death of a man and left another injured.

But most viewers of the video linked it to the bird theory, saying that it shows clearly an identified feathered object with flapping wings.

The dash camera of a vehicle behind the crash incident on September 18 in Izhevsk, western Russia, recorded the fatal crash.

A tiny object made an appearance in the video flying above the road and then along trees parallel with it. Then a green truck is seen swerving right into the roadside verge. A white car behind it pulls left into the center road, resulting in the evasion reaction of the truck.

The white car seemingly applies a sharp break while a dark-colored vehicle skids from the opposite direction.

The person who posted the video online and among others are convinced an alien flying object has something to do with the road accident.

Myunhauzen said, in his YouTube channel, the driver stared at the UFO and crashed into the car in the incoming lane. 

He then concluded NASA hid things and appealed for cash to buy a telescope for his research. Several local news agencies picked up the story. Some have observed the object moving across the sky erratically before vanishing behind trees.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

UFO Sighting in the Russian skies

If you have never seen a strange object before, or you have never experienced UFO sighting, you are probably curious about whether or not aliens do exist. In opposition to what the other people will tell you, the capacity to distinguish or identify UFOs is possible. Once you've had already differentiated, you'll become a good observer and has the skill to make a distinction between artificial objects and extraterrestrial life. 

Another UFO sighting has shown red lights hovering the sky. In less than one minute, the object is moving ground at massive distances. The amateur photographer captured the so-called UFO object. After seeing bizarre red lights soaring above, Yushkevich took images late at night of Tara on May 15 when he noticed unusual-looking lights. On his Vkontakte page, the lights were arranged one behind the other. The first photo was taken at 12.49am. To ensure that there were no erroneous shots, he decided to take another one at 12.50am. As he processed on the images, he noticed that the second image is behind the television tower.

As for the lights, there were no official explanations. But it was previously mentioned that the glares or insects on satellites or camera lens moving in space are the cause of UFO sightings. Assuming that it came from the lights, the Omsk region has been known for its strange happenings such as numerous claims and crop circles of UFOs in the night sky.

The head of the Omsk planetarium, Vladimir Krupko said that they have an astronomical camp in the region to study sky for a month. In 1990 up to 1991, he said that UFOs flew over Omsk regularly. The first object, which is a gas-like in the middle and two reddish lights on the edges, was spotted by the staffs of the Omsk Synthetic Rubber Plant.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Secret Documents Show Senior US Senator Reports Sighting Of Two UFOs

US government officials regarded as highly reliable claimed to have spotted two UFOs hovering close to a train line, but their superiors allegedly covered up the truth about the incident.

Alien researchers obtained X-files detailing the account of senior Senator Richard B Russell and two aides about seeing flying saucers taking off.

Nearly 60 years ago, Sen. Russell was on a Soviet-era train during a fact-finding mission to Russia. Russell was a chairman of the Armed Services Committee and considered as one of the most influential senators of the U.S. until he passed away in 1971 after 38 of service.

According to the Fund for UFO Research (FUFOR), they obtained documents revealing that Sen. Russell was travelling on October 4, 1955 at around 7 pm together with his two aides in the Transcaucasus region when the incident took place.

Sen. Russell is said to have looked out of the window and saw two disc-shaped UFOs taking off from an area close to the railway tracks. He then reportedly called over interpreter Ruben Efron and aide Lt Col Hathaway to the window, with them both witnessing the two aerial objects took off.

He and the aides told the US Air Force and security agencies at the US embassy in Prague about their sighting. They also reported the same thing in Czechoslovakia, but the report was kept confidential.

After meeting them, US embassy air attaché Lt Col Thomas Ryan filed a top secret Air Force intelligence report about the incident on October 14, 1955.

Lt Col Ryan described the witnesses as highly reliable American observers who saw an unconventional craft. According to the report, a disc ascended almost vertically at relatively slow speed. Its outer surface seemed to revolve slowly to the right while at 6,000 feet above the ground. The unusual craft’s speed increased as it headed north. The second flying disc-shaped object was seen making the same actions approximately a minute later. Its take off area was around 1 to 2 miles south of the rail line.

CIA agents interviewed the three witnesses as well as one unidentified witness. The documents say Mr Efron reported that the UFO glide without noise and no exhaust glow or trail was visible.

The fourth unnamed witness said that one UFO had a slight dome, and it had a white light on top. All witnesses said that it had a pinkish-white glow and moved up vertically. The glow moved slowly around the perimeter from right to left direction, providing the appearance of a pinwheel.

US Secretary of State John Foster Dulles was briefed about the sighting on October 18, 1955. The FBI penned a memo on November stating that the testimony of Lt Col Hathaway would support the existence of a flying saucer.

The details of the sighting were leaked to a reporter from the Los Angeles Examiner, who had a chance to approach Sen. Russell.

He responded to journalist Tom Towers saying that he had discussed it with the affected government agencies and they thought that it was not wise to publicize it that time, so he felt sorry that he can’t talk much about the matter.

Documents from the CIA, FBI and Air Force remained classified for 30 years before being made available to the public in 1985. But it was until FUFOR got them under a Freedom of Information Act request that the details surfaced.

FUFOR chairman Dr Bruce Maccabee said that the long-secret documents show for the first time that one of the most influential government officials witnessed and reported a UFO. He thinks that the men would have advised not to talk about it. He added that these documents are unique because it shows how the CIA took it seriously.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Abandoned facility in Russia contains preserved bodies resembling aliens

We have heard many myths and stories of scientists or doctors experimenting on human beings for the sake of science or the evolution of mankind. Countless movies have been made based on such things, and what we see on the screen is not too far fetched from what actually happens in reality. -49

An abandoned pathology lab in Tobolsk, Western Siberia, is being investigated by Russian police after a medical student made a shocking discovery.

After Georgy Grogorchuk had been taking a walk in a park where children often visit, a facility with an open entrance piqued his curiosity. The med student decided to enter the building whereupon he saw a horrifying scene. There were mucky shelves that displayed skulls, plastic jars that contained remains and had dates written on the sides, and slides used from blood tests.

The student stated that he had heard about this facility from other alumni of his medical college. He had also heard that the abandoned things the place was filled with would be interesting. As a medical student, it is not a surprise that such things interested him.

The police officers decided to launch an investigation after the gruesome findings of mortal remains and mummified corpses of infants. In the abandoned facility, human bones and body parts were also dispersed.

On numerous bodies of the babies, there were scars that indicated where surgical procedures had been made. Some of these procedures had been carried out as early as 3 years ago.

What was the purpose of these inhuman experiments? Did the people responsible for these horrible acts succeed in their plans? Perhaps the tests were done as an attempt to create more intelligent and more advanced human beings. Maybe this was all done in hope for a better generation to shape our future. Whatever the reason was, their atrocious acts could not justify their deeds. Let’s just hope that if they succeeded in whatever they did, that their intentions and goals will not threaten us.