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Showing posts with label Pennsylvania. Show all posts

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Video: Mysterious UFO in Philly

Historical sightings of UFOs are hard to be substantiated because our eyes can deceive us. However, with the majority of people around the world are using smartphones, the idea of alien life visitation on Earth has entered a new frontier.

A video claimed to be taken in Philadelphia has made online rounds lately and seems to show a morphing object flying its way across the sky above 7th and Tioga Streets.

The video, which has been viewed more than a million, was captured by Philadelphia resident Hector Garcia. He describes the object in the video as a cloud with sparkling lights in it. According to his observation, the mysterious flying object is something that he’s never seen before.

Garcia has been encouraging the viewers to zoom in on the video to see a shimmering cloud, which for him makes the activity stranger. Skeptics, however, suspect a CGI, but Garcia’s reaction in the video seems not planned as he speaks so disinterestedly. Some suggested it was a large foam or some kind of plastic bag.

Nobody appears to know, but if nobody cares either, at least you have been warned. Whatever the unusual thing was, more people will use their smartphones to capture apparent UFO sightings in the future.