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Showing posts with label Oceania. Show all posts

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

One of the Most Witnessed UFO Events Ever

The UFO sighting in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on April 6, 1966, remains one of the greatest, and one of the most observed strange incidents ever recorded in history. It was then around 11 p.m. at then Westall High School, which eventually changed to Westall Secondary College.

Around 200 witnesses, ranging from regular students to science teachers and headmasters.

On the day of the sighting, everything was normal as many children were playing in the schoolyard and others were studying. Then the scene was changed with the sudden appearance of what was described as large, silver saucer-shaped object, which was about the size of two or three cars. It hovered over the school, moved to a wooded area and apparently landed.

Mesmerized of what they just witnessed, children jumped the fence to get into the wooded area as teachers told them to return.

According to some reports, one of the girls reached the area where the UFO had landed, but she was found unconscious and needed to be taken to the hospital. Other witnesses entered the area, but the UFO reportedly took off at incredible speeds, and they saw other five objects, which they described as military planes chasing the UFO.

In the area where the UFO supposedly landed, the grass was flattened in a circle. The children were instructed to go back to school while the police went to the scene. Then something strange followed.

The police talked to adult witnesses, including the headmaster of the school. An unscheduled assembly speech told students that they saw something man made, particularly a weather balloon, and they were instructed not to speak what they had witnessed that day to anyone.

Other teachers also claimed to have spoken with two men in dark blue suits, who also told them not to talk about it, especially to the press. One of the teachers, who managed to take several photos of the large flying saucer, said that the men in suits took her camera and told her that it was now their property. She stated that the men were from the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO).

Andrew Greenwood, a science teacher at the school, said officers visited his home and threatened him not to tell anything about the UFO under the Official Secrets Act or else he would be fired for being an alcoholic, which he wasn’t.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Triangular-Shaped UFO Spotted Disappearing Over Melbourne Sky

The unidentified object case residue provides an exciting challenge to science and scientists - those with an open mind. There's nothing less than the possible proof of the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life at stake. In Melbourne, Australia, there is a triangular-shaped object spotted in the sky. According to the witnesses, it is believed to be a mega structure. The most interesting things about the particular sighting are the disappearance of the object over the span of two minutes. According to Lou, who happens to be an Australian hunter of odd objects, he spotted a triangular object, and after that uploaded the recorded material on Nov. 13, 2015, to YouTube. He then noted that he has never seen anything like this before. When seen clearly, the object appears static. In the last few minutes, it disappeared. Fortunately, he used a 50 mm lens gadget to capture the actual size of the object, which is huge.

Despite the different opinions from the people all over the world, this Australian man still believes that he captured a genuine unknown object. He knew that once he uploaded the footage, many people will throw critics on his recorded material. Conversely, he also does not want to make conclusions solely because there are no hard proofs yet. Many people showed their support and commented about the cloaking technology used like the interdimensional. The term "cloaking," it refers to the so-called technology that aliens use to concealment their spaceship, where they can scrutinize, study and watch other living beings that are unnoticed. According to Scott Waring, the shape of the particular object is gigantic, has a triangle shape, and has severed wing edges on its right and left aside.

We are living in this world full of different personalities. Despite thousands of reports about extraterrestrials and the appearance of the humanoid creatures, we cannot force people to believe in them, especially when you do not have enough proof.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Outback Man Snaps A UFO In Broad Daylight

An unidentified flying object (UFO) has been pictured flying above an outback hotspot in broad daylight. Alan Ferguson said he snapped the same photo over his home many times. He believes that the flying object he photographed was the real deal and one of the best he has captured since he started seeing them in 2008.

Mr Ferguson said he had a gut feeling to go outside his Australian outbreak home and take his camera on a Saturday morning, just before 10 am.

Referring to the alleged UFO image, he said that it shows a little shiny bit on the top. He thinks the brown, reddish tinge might be the result of the sun reflecting off the top. The photographer said that the UFO moved very fast that one should have the camera on fast-speed, continuous shoot to surely get them.

He revealed that he just took the photo without worries and then headed off to the pub. He showed it to a few people in there, and they all baffled about the UFO on the picture.

Mr Ferguson believes that the metallic balloon he took years ago was the best. He carried out the shot in Acacia Hills, approximately 30 miles south of Darwin in the country’s Northern Territory.

Mr Ferguson thinks UFOs have begun visiting the Top End of the country in the dry season, which has just started. He said that UFOs often made appearances in the area.

In 2009, Mr Ferguson had gained worldwide attention upon claiming UFOs were flying in the Australian outbreak regularly and took a photograph of an alleged extra-terrestrial sighting.

On the latter part of the same year, he apparently captured a UFO on film for the first time in a moment, which described by some as the biggest day in the history of Northern Territory.

Mr Ferguson has since become an online sensation. He has been claiming that he’s getting a gut feeling to go outside when UFOs are in the area. He said that nine out of ten times the unidentified flying objects were there.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

UFO Sightings: Mysterious 'Flaming' Objects Spotted In Auckland Skies

Only one out of three people believes that UFOs exist. With or without aliens - UFOs are UFOs. But it’s worth examining the probability if extraterrestrial life really exists. Recently, something strange has been happening in Auckland’s skies, baffling not only the nation’s air safety experts, but also the residents of the city who constantly ask whether or not there is an alien life out there. Details of the incident were provided in the testimonies.

The Mysterious Details of the Incident

Their photos showed what seemed to be a bright object splashing across the sky. One witness claimed that the object was seen about 6.41 pm yesterday with a bright light, and a hazy or foggy cloud floating in the area until all the lights are dimmed. Before disappearing, the light was "hovering" for about twenty minutes.

Is There An Extra Terrestrial Life Out There?

Not one or two have seen the strange 'orange spheres' objects, but dozens of them have been reported. Apart from the orange spheres seen by the residents of the city, people also heard some powerful explosions emerging in the sky. One witness first thought that the object is a small plane on fire, then it changed into an army base, and then finally concluded that the strange object happens to be a UFO. These speculations have triggered the residents to believe that there was a strange alien activity happening in the sky.

Bright flashes being reported in the area is not a new incident because it already happened in February. However, it concluded as a chunk of a meteoroid or asteroid. The latest mysterious bright flashes in Auckland sky is not an exception to the rule. While others believe that aliens are visiting the earth, there are still alleged speculations that it was only a night light or meteor light emerging on the sky.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Australian man/UFO expert witnesses a flying device speeding above his country

As the years go by, the list of UFO sightings seem to grow longer. Are our own people just inventing more and more devices that we often mistake for aliens, or are extraterrestrial creatures growing so fond of Earth that they decide to frequently visit us?

Alan Ferguson, an expert on UFOs, claims to have witnessed a UFO sighting on Saturday. The Australian man saw the foreign device in the shape of a disk suddenly appear in the skies above Acacia Hills, which is approximately 50km south of Darwin.

Mr. Ferguson was quick to act and wasted no time in taking out his camera to record the strange scene that took place on Saturday morning.

Luckily for him, he was able to capture the flying device that was lingering above his home’s property. His camera was set on a quick paced loop. As a UFO expert, Mr. Ferguson has been recording sightings from around his country on the website he created, UFOTerritory.

The Australian man has become rather accustomed to seeing such strange activity. He has stated that he has seen more or less than 500 UFOs in his lifetime. He also said that such occurrences continuously happen all the time.

Allan Ferguson also says that he knows how to answer questions about these unusual devices but refused to share them with the general public.

There are a lot of people who have shared their experiences of their UFO encounters. The majority of us have yet to witness such event. It’s amazing to know that this man has spotted at least five hundred of these objects flying across the sky, but then again, as a UFO expert, one might expect the guy to have seen that much. What could this Australian know about these devices? Is there more to his claims than just having witnessed these phenomenon numerous times? As the general public, we may never hear the rest of his stories.