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Showing posts with label History. Show all posts

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Pope John XXIII’s Alien Encounter before His Death In 1961

It was Francesco Capovilla that witnessed the incident. The report appeared in a British newspaper. Later on, it has taken over by Sun in 1985. Unfortunately, no one was interested. Today, meeting in the gardens is back in the limelight, many thanks to the video appeared on YouTube. It was reported that Pope John XXIII and his assistant were walking along the private gardens when they witnessed an oval-shaped vessel with amber lights and blinking bluish hovering over their heads. The vessel flew over their heads and then landed.

It was July 1961 in the afternoon when they saw lights above their heads. The colors were blue, orange, and amber. Later on, they realized that is a form of a human-like thing, but the difference is it was enclosed in a golden light and had huge and pointy ears. Since Pope John and his assistant were not sure what they were looking at, both kneeled down. Both men prayed, but when they looked above, the being was still there. The people were convinced that they did not see things. Both the Pope and the strange being were involved in the interesting conversation for 20 minutes according to the other witness. 

The witnesses remained behind and could not listen to what they were talking about. Suddenly, the humanoid creature turned around and walked back in his extraterrestrial craft. Seconds later, it quickly left. There is also a letter to the Episcopate by father dr. Luigi Villa and this is an English Translation of one of Don Villa’s books referred to in the Alice Von Hildebrand interview. If the evidence of these had been brought on time, Pope John XXIII would not have been elected as the Pope or given responsibility to abdicate. People know too well that the Holy Spirit is one of the Cardinals during the Conclave.   

Monday, March 20, 2017

Cuban Revelations Show Enormous and Round Object: Is It UFO?

Virtually, every UFO sighting supports the concept of extraterrestrials and alien existence. One should always keep one thing in mind that aliens can be altered by reverse explanation when the evidence is weak. In an interview, UFO enthusiasts have caught the attention worldwide. He was the Cuba’s former prime minister described as an enormous and round from an extraterrestrial spaceship.

There are astounding claims which are made by the 20th century's most prominent figures. The claims heralded by the community who believed in aliens. According to them, the figures were proof that extra-terrestrials do exist. As narrated by Fidel Castro, it was in the middle of the night when they suddenly spotted a light darting surrounding the stars. The appearance of the object has led the mountains to illuminate as though there was daylight. According to the revolutionary's account, Castro's sighting occurred either in 1958 or 1959. His interview was published by UFO researcher and journalist Juan Jose Benitez in a book entitled For Your Eyes Only. Since 1972, he has been tracking innumerable sightings. Benitez has published the book, which contains different interviews with approximately 300 people who witnessed extraterrestrials for his 70th birthday celebration.

Enthusiasts believe that the Temple Mount in Jerusalem in 2011 is similar and related to Castro's sighting bright glowing object. According to videos uploaded on YouTube, the shape-shifting alien was seen again in Siberia and China earlier this year. Not only active intellects or believers but also the average common man has incidences of alien existence. For some, the sightings always bypassed as a nightmare or an awkward dream. If you ever experienced a real outcome or materializing in your dreams, then you are not alone. There are millions of folks out there in the world who have had glimpses of extraterrestrial times.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

The 1942’s Alien Attack: A Never-ending Mystery

People usually believe in a whole variety of things because it delivers them some feeling of personality or comfort and ease. In this age where knowledge and technology have developed so greatly that discoveries appear to have no end, it still seems that the fact about aliens remain a mystery. Are they Frank? Few people claimed to have seen an alien. These allegations faced many questions, and eventually discrimination.

When the US declared war on Japan, months after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the sirens created a harsh noise in California in 1942 at 10:30 pm. As a response, people went to the streets to see it. After the visibility of the object, it was then confirmed that it is neither a commercial nor private aircraft. In fact, it became apparent that it is something that people had never seen before. The odd object is massive and silently hovers at will. There were no luminous lights reported. As soon as the object was seen by the Navy and Coast Guard, the latter began firing the Unidentified flying object around 3:00 am. Up to 4:15 am, the military fired a thousand rounds at the UFO’s 12.8-pound anti-aircraft artillery. The object kept moving to Long Beach from Santa Monica without any damage. Even if there were credible witnesses, their contentions were still reversed because the US military reported that the flying craft is just a weather balloon. This is one particular of the unusual circumstances, probably the only scenario, where credible witnesses have fought their beliefs.

With all the witnesses that saw the artillery fired at the object, it is very apparent that humans were dealing with one of the sightings in the USA. With every part of the information given, everything will appear to be just a guess, or imagination, or even a prank. With every bit of information, we get more baffled. The existence of aliens remains a mystery.