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Monday, April 24, 2017

Alleged Witness Report: The Alien-Human Battle at Dulce, New Mexico in 1979

Phil Schneider, allegedly one of the three people who survived the Dulce firefight in 1979 between the large Greys was found dead on 1996. His death was due to an execution style murder. His body was found dead in his apartment, tied with a piano wire around his neck. According to a source, he was repeatedly tortured before he was finally killed. In 1995, he told the astounding story of his encounter with aliens living underground. He was the only person with a security clearance speaking in detail about the government’s knowledge towards alien beings.

Schneider admitted multiple attempts made on his life after revealing what he knew about the aliens. His supporters do not believe that he took his life. Being a suspicious man, he went to the underground base and saw Special Forces Green Berets around the camp. The team drilled the four large holes, which is the standard operating procedure to start the construction. However, the object which emerged from the holes were not a part of the standard procedure. There was a black air coming up when they drilled holes. Curious and anxious, he made an assessment until he found himself witnessing a 7 foot tall big gray alien. Schneider killed two of the strange beings. However, the last one was able to emit a harmful energy. The humanoid made a circular motion, waving it in front of his chest. A Green Beret saved his life. Unfortunately, more than sixty people died that day. 

However, there are two closely guarded survivors by the Canadian government, and no American citizen is allowed to speak with them. There are 1,477 underground bases around the world, and 129 of them were located in the US. He believed that there is a Black Budget, hidden from different U.S. government agencies. He encourages people to force their public officials in telling the truth.

Monday, April 10, 2017

The Story behind a Forestry Worker in Scotland Attacked By Aliens

In sci-fi movies and books, aliens are constantly trying to conquer the earth. The question as to why such beings from a distance would visit the Earth to invade is seldom answered. In fact, most people cover up the truth with regards to the actual encounters. If invading has been denied, what more about aliens attacking a human? A seemingly unprovoked attacked was recounted by a forestry worker named Robert Taylor, which took place thirty years ago. However, he has no idea why he was targeted. Such happening has baffled the people who examined the case. A certain police officer who opened the file has considered it “unexplained.” 

Robert Taylor, a forestry worker in West Lothian, Scotland, arrived at work on a typically cold morning in November, 30 years ago. As he started walking towards the site through a woodland path, he saw into a clearing an extraterrestrial craft. He described the object as 20-30 ft circumference huge dome-shaped soaring approximately 15 ft above the grass’ surface. Shortly after the appearance, two orbs that bear a resemblance of WWII sea mines fell from the alien aircraft and rolled towards him. As the objects approached him, he recalled smelling a burning odor. Afterward, the objects attached themselves to the forestry worker and began to pull him towards the extraterrestrial aircraft. 

At this point, he remembered nothing as he lost consciousness. As soon as he regained his consciousness, the objects were gone but left marks on the ground underneath the place where the vessel had stopped. He even manifests an incredible thirst. He believed that the event happened around two minutes, but such events somewhat disoriented him. Although the craft was not expecting him to approach it, what triggered the attack is still unknown. Unlike other UFO sightings or encounters, there are no arguments that the events could have come from a human-made source. Aside from the fact that West Lothian is not a spot known for the top secret military, the aircraft cannot be held responsible for the objects that pulled Taylor towards the vessel, nor the latter’s lack of consciousness. 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Boriska: The Extraordinary Boy from Russia Who Remembers His Past Life on Mars

Assuming that reincarnation takes place, what does the literature tell us about its existence? Two reasons have been given: First, they are given a chance to live out from desires. Second, humans were being given continued opportunities to achieve spiritual realization, breaking free from entanglement, and resume their eternal nature in the spiritual world. 

Boris Kipriyanovich also called “little Boris” is a gifted boy from Russia. He was born in 1996 and would visit a mountain to recharge himself from the world. According to the study, children with sensitive gifts find refuge in nature, and he was no different. Being a doctor, the Boriska’s mother noticed that he was stronger and more developed than other children. In fact, he was able to hold his head up for just 15 days from birth and was able to start speaking words like “baba” when he was four months old. At the age of 1, he could read newspaper headlines. However, his parents witnessed that he acquired certain knowledge not only from the outside world but also through mysterious channels. No one has ever taught Boriska and about the planetary systems, particularly the Mars and other civilizations.

Space had become his permanent topic when he turned two years old. He shared his alleged experiences in living Mars and admitted flying to Earth for research purposes when he was a Martian. Moreover, he drove a spaceship himself and positioned himself during the Lemurian civilization. Puzzled and confused, his mother brought him an Ernest Muldashev’s book entitled “Whom We Are Originated From,” he got excited about it. As he was speaking, his mother learned that Lemurians lived 70,000 years ago. She asked how he remembered all of this, and he replied, “Yes, I remember, and nobody has told me that, I saw it,”

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Documentary of Grey Aliens for Humans

Also known as "Greys," "Alien Greys," "Roswell Greys," "Grays," and "Zeta Reticulans," the Grey aliens are extraterrestrial beings whose existence is discussed in paranormal, ufological, and New Age communities, and who are labeled for their skin color. According to the reported alien encounters, forty-three percent describe Grey aliens. Such claims differ in every respect including their origins, nature, moral dispositions, physical appearances, and intentions. Grays are normally depicted as a dark grey-skinned diminutive humanoid being that possesses a reduced form, or lack of, noses, sex organs or ears. Their legs are somewhat shorter and are jointed differently from what a single person would expect in every human. Most of all, their limbs are portrayed as proportionally different from a human, their thighs and humerus are the same lengths as their shins and forearms.

Grays are described as a small humanoid being with dark gray skin. They also possess decreased, or they totally lack external human organs like the ears, or noses, or sex organs. As to the shape of their bodies, witnesses described them as having elongated bodies with a small chest, but no visible skeletal structure and muscular definition.  The same goes with their thighs and shins when it comes to length. They are portrayed as having small mouths, and large opaque black eyes along with no discernible pupil or iris. Reports of the alleged encounters state that their height is usually 2–4 ft. tall, but it may also be human size.

The origin of Grey aliens is associated with the abduction claim of Barney and Betty Hill which took place in 1961. The Grey aliens are also famous from previous depictions of the Roswell incident in 1947. Claims of alien abduction commonly include Greys, which approximately made up by 90% in Canada, 67% in Brazil, and 50% in Australia. Some abduction ufologists and researchers suspect that the taller Greys are the only Grey aliens to be biologically alive.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

One of the Most Witnessed UFO Events Ever

The UFO sighting in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on April 6, 1966, remains one of the greatest, and one of the most observed strange incidents ever recorded in history. It was then around 11 p.m. at then Westall High School, which eventually changed to Westall Secondary College.

Around 200 witnesses, ranging from regular students to science teachers and headmasters.

On the day of the sighting, everything was normal as many children were playing in the schoolyard and others were studying. Then the scene was changed with the sudden appearance of what was described as large, silver saucer-shaped object, which was about the size of two or three cars. It hovered over the school, moved to a wooded area and apparently landed.

Mesmerized of what they just witnessed, children jumped the fence to get into the wooded area as teachers told them to return.

According to some reports, one of the girls reached the area where the UFO had landed, but she was found unconscious and needed to be taken to the hospital. Other witnesses entered the area, but the UFO reportedly took off at incredible speeds, and they saw other five objects, which they described as military planes chasing the UFO.

In the area where the UFO supposedly landed, the grass was flattened in a circle. The children were instructed to go back to school while the police went to the scene. Then something strange followed.

The police talked to adult witnesses, including the headmaster of the school. An unscheduled assembly speech told students that they saw something man made, particularly a weather balloon, and they were instructed not to speak what they had witnessed that day to anyone.

Other teachers also claimed to have spoken with two men in dark blue suits, who also told them not to talk about it, especially to the press. One of the teachers, who managed to take several photos of the large flying saucer, said that the men in suits took her camera and told her that it was now their property. She stated that the men were from the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO).

Andrew Greenwood, a science teacher at the school, said officers visited his home and threatened him not to tell anything about the UFO under the Official Secrets Act or else he would be fired for being an alcoholic, which he wasn’t.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

UFO Researchers Believe Amateur Astronomers Secure A Camera Proof Of Alien Visitors

Excitement pours over the online UFO community last week after hunters of unidentified flying object suggested that amateur photographers captured images of a giant alien structure, which entered the solar system recently. The huge thing was observed approaching the moon of Jupiter, Europa. It resembles a space mothership or interstellar UFO armada, according to some UFO enthusiasts.

Two amateur astronomers captured the images separately. Some UFO hunters think that technologically advanced space alien travelers may have arrived in our solar system to conduct major expedition. 

YouTube UFO hunters Secureteam10 presented a series of images captured by a sky observer from Bristol, Louis Read. They say the images show a massive artificial structure approaching Europa, the sixth largest moon in the solar system. 

Hours after uploading Read’s images to YouTube, Secureteam10 claimed they had received new images from a different source that seem to confirm the first set of pictures’ authenticity.

According to the team, that is the first time the structure has been spotted near Jupiter and the first time it has been noticed in the solar system.

After conducting investigations, Secureteam10 concluded that the images clearly show an anomaly. The researchers used Solar System Scope, an online 3D real-time simulation of the solar system, and later confirmed that the object was a foreign body, most probably an immense artificial structure.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Photograph Shared Online as Proof of Alien Visitors is a Deer Foetus

Any newcomer to the topic as well as that enters search phrases straight into YouTube or even Google, for example, "UFO sightings", "Triangular object" as well as "Unexplained Videos" will likely be amazed at the big number of outcomes supplied. Fascination with the actual phenomena of unidentified flying objects is attaining an optimum as more and more sightings are made. While there are witnesses claimed to have seen the strange objects, there are still several video tutorials you will observe online that are associated with an uninterested laptop or computer whizz-kids employing CGI.

The terrible photograph has been broadly shared online as proof of extraterrestrial guests, but none of it appears as claimed. Several Facebook posts have tied the image — they say that it is an alien that dropped on the ground to events over California skies during the weekend. However, the picture does not show an alien, and it was not even taken in San Jose as claimed. As an alternative, the picture depicts a fetus, but not an alien fetus, but a dropped fetus by a deer. The image shows that predators partially consumed it. If you see it clearly, the fetus is partly destroyed its appearance, leading to some scary speculations. Despite the Earthly explanation, the picture is widely-shared online using popular social media platforms, such as the Facebook.

According to the fact-checking website, the image is being shared by some people in an email. The images were posted right after witnesses spotted an odd light object streaking across the sky in California over the weekend. This is why many people relate the so-called humanoid creature to such sighting. While people are arguing that its strange movements be an indication of a UFO, but the US Navy claimed later on that it was a Trident missile spotted during a test.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Alien Microchip Implantations

Many have suggested that aliens and UFOs have been visiting planet Earth since time immemorial. It’s just in the recent decades that millions of people started to believe that they exist. But some people think that aliens are here not merely to observe but they have plans to invade human race. These people believe that the observation is just part of the steps for total world domination.

How do these aliens observe mankind? Have you heard about implanted microchips? It is believed that some humans have already received their microchips, which have been implanted during sleep. According to this theory, the move has been done to ensure aliens can track mankind.

Another popular suggestion about the existence of aliens here on Earth is that ETs have abducted selected humans in order to perform surgical procedures and implanted those microchips. It is believed that if a human has a scar that can’t be explained or has flashbacks about being surrounded by surgical instruments, there’s a possibility that aliens abducted him. Another sign of alien abduction is when a human can’t control some of his actions because a device controls him.

Meanwhile, if you want more UFO news and information, you can check some of the posts here. Last May 8 in Florida, a UFO was captured during a golf game. It seems that the UFO moves slowly than the ball. Should humans worry about alien implanting microchips to humans? Do you think we have a chance of getting away from alien abduction? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Abandoned facility in Russia contains preserved bodies resembling aliens

We have heard many myths and stories of scientists or doctors experimenting on human beings for the sake of science or the evolution of mankind. Countless movies have been made based on such things, and what we see on the screen is not too far fetched from what actually happens in reality. -49

An abandoned pathology lab in Tobolsk, Western Siberia, is being investigated by Russian police after a medical student made a shocking discovery.

After Georgy Grogorchuk had been taking a walk in a park where children often visit, a facility with an open entrance piqued his curiosity. The med student decided to enter the building whereupon he saw a horrifying scene. There were mucky shelves that displayed skulls, plastic jars that contained remains and had dates written on the sides, and slides used from blood tests.

The student stated that he had heard about this facility from other alumni of his medical college. He had also heard that the abandoned things the place was filled with would be interesting. As a medical student, it is not a surprise that such things interested him.

The police officers decided to launch an investigation after the gruesome findings of mortal remains and mummified corpses of infants. In the abandoned facility, human bones and body parts were also dispersed.

On numerous bodies of the babies, there were scars that indicated where surgical procedures had been made. Some of these procedures had been carried out as early as 3 years ago.

What was the purpose of these inhuman experiments? Did the people responsible for these horrible acts succeed in their plans? Perhaps the tests were done as an attempt to create more intelligent and more advanced human beings. Maybe this was all done in hope for a better generation to shape our future. Whatever the reason was, their atrocious acts could not justify their deeds. Let’s just hope that if they succeeded in whatever they did, that their intentions and goals will not threaten us. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Chances To Find Extraterrestrials Would Be Better At Older Super-Earths

Astronomer, Laura Schaefer at Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, has run computer simulations to know if these similar factors would result in the same on Earth-like planets, which are five times more massive than Earth.

Earthlike worlds that are around 2 to 4 times the mass of Earth would be capable of establishing and maintaining their oceans better than Earth, according to Schaefer’s finding. Her finding specifically suggests that super-Earths possibly keep their oceans vital for up to ten billion years. However, Schaefer notes that once alien worlds grew further, their ability to jumpstart oceanic growth will be hindered by size.
Schaefer, therefore, concludes that looking for ET life would be best possible at older super-Earths. Scientists and alien hunters at SETI might get better results if they use foreign oceans as their guide for extraterrestrial life. However, many aquatic inhabitants here on Earth are still unknown and yet to be explored. Perhaps, it would be best for scientists to start exploring deep into Earth’s ocean to discover a life that is equally alien.

The elements that help sustain life on Earth may also present in extragalactic super-Earths as suggested by a new study. These alien worlds are believed to contain similar eon-spanning oceans that play a significant role in the birth and evolution of Earth life.

It has been scientifically established that water is necessary for life and its development. Earth’s oceans appear to have been designed for all terrestrials as they have been around for billions of years, allowing water to catalyze a release of biological complexity.

Infant Earth was bombarded by countless of comets and asteroids. Water ices and rocky materials from outer solar system hit our planet. Accumulated alien ices covered the titanic gulfs surrounding Earth’s continents while also depositing the enormous amount of water in the planet’s mantle. Entire oceans lie beneath the seafloor because of the continuous subduction of Earth’s tectonic plates. These oceans are waiting to be brought back to the global water table by mid-ocean ridges and deep-sea volcanoes.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Similarity Of Martian Structures To Terrestrial Structures Could Uncover Evidence Of ET Life

NASA’s Curiosity rover captures photographs of rocks which may confirm that life once existed on the Red Planet.

Photographed at the Gillespie Lake outcrop in Yellowknife Bay, the photos show formations of what appear to be Martian rocks. According to Dr Nora Noffke, who spent two decades studying fossils of early microbes, the formations found in a former vast lake of Mars when it had surface water appear very similar to rock formations on Earth created by microorganisms.

Noffke told Astrobiology Magazine that she saw something very familiar in one image, so she took a closer look at it. She spent a couple of weeks investigating the image centimetre by centimetre, making sketches, and comparing images from Earth’s structures.

Published in PDF in the journal Astrobiology, her research examines structures of rocks on Mars and compare them to the remains of terrestrial microbial organisms, which used to be the most advanced life forms on planet Earth. Interestingly, after comparing, they match up.

With the evolution of life on Earth, moisture spread out the layers of organic matter, leaving behind microbial-induced patterns in rocks. She says that it’s a possibility that the Mars’ structures could have developed by natural erosion.

Noffke notes however that if structures on Mars are not of biological origin, then similarities on Earth would be beyond ordinary coincidence.

The tremendous number of images put online by NASA has sparked hundreds if not thousands of claims on what the rover has photographed while on Mars. Some believe that the rover found fast-growing fungus and leg bones on the Martian surface. However, the paper of Dr Noffke doesn’t claim to have found the answer to the question by David Bowie.

NASA’s planetary scientist Chris McKay says he has seen many papers only compare pile of Martian dirt with a pile of dirt on Earth. And because they look similar, these papers made an argument that the same mechanism must have developed each pile on Mars and Earth, explains McKay. He adds that argument like this is easy to make and not very convincing. However, McKay notes that Noffke’s paper presents details from careful analysis.

In order to test Noffke’s hypothesis, getting samples of rock from the Red Planet could be an ideal solution. But the current technology would not make it possible, and while NASA has plans for a sample return mission, it may not even take place in the near future.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Dwarf Aliens On Martian Surface

UFO observer Scott Waring believes that Martian surface once held a tribe of dwarves. He came up such theory after discovering NASA pictures that apparently show remains of a long-lost race of tiny beings. He posted pictures online that seemed to show what he called an abandoned spaceship and a little ancient structure.

Other observers also noticed workmen, humans, and alien thigh bone in photos of the Red Planet’s surface. Waring thinks that the tiny inhabitants would only measure a few centimeters tall. He believes that it would be unscientific if he closes his mind and says that such thing is impossible.

He said that if a person says it’s not possible, he or she isn’t smart enough to see the big picture. He firmly believes that he spotted real anomaliesfrom ancient Martian culture.

Some speculate that if little green men once lived on Mars then they may have worshipped a being with similarity to Princess Nefertiti, wife of an Egyptian pharaoh.

Waring also spotted a face on one of the hills of Mars. He said that it looked like alien species because it does not look human. So, what happened to the micro-Martians if this speculation is true?

Well, Dr. John Brandenburg has the answer. He said that they were probably killed by another species. But he warned that noisy humans could be next.

Scientists have yet to find evidence of life anywhere in the Universe outside planet Earth, but signs are there.

In 2014, Curiosity Rover found a methane burp on Mars. Scientists are hopeful that they could find alien life in the form of bacteria similar to Earth, but no similar microorganisms have ever discovered on Mars yet. NASA researchers suggest that life possibly existed on the Red Planet when it was still wet enough for life as we know it.