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Showing posts with label 1977. Show all posts

Monday, October 5, 2015

Tory Peer Alleges UFO Sightings Cover Up Against Ministry of Defence

Many people have accused the Ministry of Defence of covering up a top secret investigation into one of the most notable unidentified flying object (UFO) sightings in Britain. A number of unidentified objects were noticed over Broad Haven Triangle in Pembrokeshire in the late 1970s.

One mysterious event took place close to a primary school when 14 pupils observed a UFO landing. They later drew the same image of it amazingly.

Now the MoD is again the centre of the controversy. A Tory peer has called the Ministry to tell the world about the truth of these unusual events. According to Lord Black of Brentwood, there are many files that MoD released recently remain unidentified and unexplained. He is mainly referring to the reported sightings from air traffic controllers, pilots, and military personnel.

Lord Black of Brentwood feels the need of further examination on these issues in the hope of discovering something new.

The peer, who has a long-standing interest in the UFO subject, got curious about the old case after a new research into the Broad Haven sightings was published.

Novelist Neil Spring investigated many of these cases for his book “The Watchers.” Spring said he came as a sceptic to Broad Haven and left the area convinced that some of the locals have more knowledge about the bizarre events of 1977 that they’re willing to tell.

The declassified document is a letter from S4 head to the Provost & Security Service. S4 is the wing of the MoD and the Provost & Security Service functions as an internal police force within the RAF.

In this letter, an official suggested a discreet enquiry of UFO sightings after learning there are so many UFO reports from different witnesses.

MoD UFO investigator Nick Pope said that the document shows how the UFO project of MoD asked the RAF Police to perform secret UFO sighting investigations while telling the media, Parliament and the public that these mysterious events were of no defence significance.