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Showing posts with label 1974. Show all posts

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Betz Family Discovered Mysterious Stainless Steel-Like Artifact That Can Move All By Itself

Members of the Betz family went into the scene where a small brush fire took place to check the damage it had done to their property on Ft. George Island, Florida. Antoine and Jerri Betz, as well as their 21-year-old son, did not expect to find a strange object when they were in the area of the minor fire incident. It was described as a bright metal globe, approximately the same size of a bowling ball sitting on the grass. They thought of an old cannon ball because it was heavy when they lift it. The island has a long history of Spanish missions in the 16th century. They decided to take the mysterious ball to their home.

The first incident involving the ball was when Terry played his guitar, and the ball interestingly resonated the music. It started to move around all by itself. The Betz family put the ball on their table, and they watched it moving on its own around the perimeter without falling off. Doors of their house started to slam, and their resident was filled with strange organ music, even though there was no such instrument around.

The family further experimented the ball. Terry hit the ball with a metal object. Mysteriously, the ball responded with a ringing sound. The family also discovered that the ball appeared to be sensitive to weather conditions. It made more activities during sunny days than cloudy days. Infrared or direct heat seemed to have no effect on the ball. The Betz family then contacted news agencies in hope to get ideas of the bizarre artifact.

Media frenzy then followed, and Betz family started to think that they recovered some type of alien space probe. They let the object be subjected to the scientific test, which was done by Dr. Carl Williston of Omega Minus One, a Louisiana-based institution that time. After testing for approximately six hours, Dr. Williston discovered that the ball had 3-4 magnetic poles. An X-ray examination revealed three similar shapes within the ball. Interestingly, these three shapes had a halo that surrounded them. The metal had stainless-steel material but had some unidentified content, making it slightly different.

Unfortunately, the story about the mysterious ball had gone, and no one could tell where the object at the moment. Those who know the story suggested that it might be an extraterrestrial probe in a damaged state.