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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Anonymous Source Leaked Alleged Navy Arctic UFO Images

UFO researchers have leaked impressive photos of alleged UFOs above the Arctic, which were captured on camera in 1971 by the Navy. Their discovery has been getting attention from the media in different parts of the world.

An anonymous source in Europe reportedly gave the images to UFO researcher Alex Mistretta. Later he found out that they were also published in Top Secret, a French paranormal magazine.

To dig deeper into the story of the images, he sought the help of the owner of the TheBlackVault.com website, John Greenewald. He asked Greenewald to post the photos so that others may be able to tell more about them.

After featuring the story recently, it started to gain international attention. Reddit user SqizCat managed to find higher resolution copies of the images.

The pictures seem to be of large objects above the ocean, which some apparently taken from the periscope of a submarine. The question now is that, are they real?

Mistretta gave information of the images based on what his anonymous source told him. It says that the pictures were captured from a United States Navy submarine. The location of the pictures was between Iceland and Jan Mayen Island in the Atlantic Ocean. The photos were taken in March 1971, and the Admiral on board of the Navy’s USS Trepang Submarine was Dean Reynolds Sackett. The Submarine encountered the object by accident as they were on a routine joint scientific and military expedition. The first officer to spot the object was John Klika with the periscope.

Greenwald looked into these claims and found out that the information given by the anonymous source is correct. Mistretta sought the help of former Navy pilot Steve Murillo, who runs UFO & Paranormal Research Society (UPARS) in Los Angeles, to contact Sackett and Kilka. Mistretta managed to reach Kilka and Murillo successfully contacted Sackett.

Both Sackett and Kilka confirmed that they were on board the USS Trepang in March 1971, but they, or anyone else, spotted anything unusual while in the Arctic. Kilka said that he felt confident that Trepang wasn’t involved in the taking of the images.

Greenewald said that the UFOs may be test balloons as they look similar in the photos from Library of Congress. However, the images that Greenewald found were from the early 1900s and the question remains if similar balloons were still in used during the 1970s.