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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Boriska: The Extraordinary Boy from Russia Who Remembers His Past Life on Mars

Assuming that reincarnation takes place, what does the literature tell us about its existence? Two reasons have been given: First, they are given a chance to live out from desires. Second, humans were being given continued opportunities to achieve spiritual realization, breaking free from entanglement, and resume their eternal nature in the spiritual world. 

Boris Kipriyanovich also called “little Boris” is a gifted boy from Russia. He was born in 1996 and would visit a mountain to recharge himself from the world. According to the study, children with sensitive gifts find refuge in nature, and he was no different. Being a doctor, the Boriska’s mother noticed that he was stronger and more developed than other children. In fact, he was able to hold his head up for just 15 days from birth and was able to start speaking words like “baba” when he was four months old. At the age of 1, he could read newspaper headlines. However, his parents witnessed that he acquired certain knowledge not only from the outside world but also through mysterious channels. No one has ever taught Boriska and about the planetary systems, particularly the Mars and other civilizations.

Space had become his permanent topic when he turned two years old. He shared his alleged experiences in living Mars and admitted flying to Earth for research purposes when he was a Martian. Moreover, he drove a spaceship himself and positioned himself during the Lemurian civilization. Puzzled and confused, his mother brought him an Ernest Muldashev’s book entitled “Whom We Are Originated From,” he got excited about it. As he was speaking, his mother learned that Lemurians lived 70,000 years ago. She asked how he remembered all of this, and he replied, “Yes, I remember, and nobody has told me that, I saw it,”

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