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Thursday, January 14, 2016

UFO filmed over Manchester, Tennessee

This huge UFO was caught on tape in the sky above Manchester, Tennessee. Filmed on 13th January 2016.


  1. First question....why the very short filming sequence?..again its at night with absolutely no reference point so we can see where it is in relation to everything else..my first impression is that of a flying remote control toy..the lights on the bottom,top and on the back seem to be flashing at regular intervals and look very "mechanical" in nature..this is in my opinion a hoax...its probably perpetrated by the guy taking the video

  2. Finally someone else filmed this besides me!

    1. I had one of those over israel last week, tried to film it but it was too high for anything to show in the video. I also saw twocones of light emenating from the ground fora brief second, very bright I was actually blinded by how bright the light was. The object was circling over for 3 hours it flew in a figure 8 pattern. I'm sure the lights were related cause it was very alien looking, nothing I have ever seen resemles the object and the beems.

  3. It looks like a remote controlled drone with lights on top i don't buy it