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Friday, July 3, 2015

Researchers Find Pyramid On Mars

Extra-terrestrial hunters claim to have discovered a structure in official NASA images of Mars similar to one of Great Pyramids in Egypt. The claim has sparked suggestions of an ancient civilisation that once lived on the Red Planet.

A channel in YouTube that focuses on the hunt for alien life has used NASA video footage from unmanned Curiosity Rover space vehicle as the evidence for the sensational claim.

The researchers estimate the size to be just car-sized, but conspiracy theorists believe it should be the clue of intelligent life that once or still living on Mars.

The claim resulted in different theories as some people online suspect it may be only the tip of a much bigger buried structure and perhaps a grave marker or capstone.

Some observers say that it could only be a rock formation.

However, YouTube channel ParanormalCrucible says that the object has near perfect design and shape. It could mean an intelligent race made it possible and not a trick of light and shadow.

The explanation does not convince many viewers of the channel. One commenter is suggesting that it was just a small rock formation and could have been caused by the wind.

There are many other claims of formations in NASA images of Mars, including sphinx, carved faces, ruins, pillars and other pyramids.

Most scientists would point to Pareidolia when it comes to this kind of formation or discovery. Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon when the brain tricks the eye into seeing animal shapes, faces, and other recognisable objects in patterns, clouds, and rock formations.

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