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Saturday, May 16, 2015

UFO Sightings: Mysterious 'Flaming' Objects Spotted In Auckland Skies

Only one out of three people believes that UFOs exist. With or without aliens - UFOs are UFOs. But it’s worth examining the probability if extraterrestrial life really exists. Recently, something strange has been happening in Auckland’s skies, baffling not only the nation’s air safety experts, but also the residents of the city who constantly ask whether or not there is an alien life out there. Details of the incident were provided in the testimonies.

The Mysterious Details of the Incident

Their photos showed what seemed to be a bright object splashing across the sky. One witness claimed that the object was seen about 6.41 pm yesterday with a bright light, and a hazy or foggy cloud floating in the area until all the lights are dimmed. Before disappearing, the light was "hovering" for about twenty minutes.

Is There An Extra Terrestrial Life Out There?

Not one or two have seen the strange 'orange spheres' objects, but dozens of them have been reported. Apart from the orange spheres seen by the residents of the city, people also heard some powerful explosions emerging in the sky. One witness first thought that the object is a small plane on fire, then it changed into an army base, and then finally concluded that the strange object happens to be a UFO. These speculations have triggered the residents to believe that there was a strange alien activity happening in the sky.

Bright flashes being reported in the area is not a new incident because it already happened in February. However, it concluded as a chunk of a meteoroid or asteroid. The latest mysterious bright flashes in Auckland sky is not an exception to the rule. While others believe that aliens are visiting the earth, there are still alleged speculations that it was only a night light or meteor light emerging on the sky.

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