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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

UFO Flashed by Plane Caught On Video

Unidentified Flying Object in Rome caught from a professional photographer's camera left UFO investigators puzzled.

A man did not realize what he captured after filming a plane from his camera not after he reviewed the film. Aside from the plane, his camera captured an object that UFO researchers are still wondering what it could be. The professional photographer noticed a strange object popped into his screen for a period of time.

The Mediterranean UFO Center is still investigating and examining the video to determine what the object is. From the analysis of C.UFO.M, investigator Angelo Maggioni ruled out that it was a bird or a balloon. It was said that it was too high for a bird to fly and appeared to have moving lights to say it was a balloon. The height where the object was located is calculated to be 13,000 meters or is lower to where the plane was flying. As the camera shifts to keep track of the plain, the UFO was seen to flash by. It is said that the UFO was stationary or moving slowly. Some reflections were noted and seen to the left, but the location of the sun, which was to the left. If the object is an odd-shaped or misshapen, reflections would change rapidly. But because of the UFO's lights everything is in odd place making it remain as an Unidentified Flying Object.

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