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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Strange Lights Spotted Over San Diego (VIDEO)

Strange UFO had emerged over Southwest San Diego, and a resident captured it on video. The footage snapped by Larry Fox seems to show multiple light sources floating in the sky above Coronado Bridge. The apparent cluster of multi-colored orbs hovered without making any noise in the air for several minutes before disappearing entirely.

Fox, as well as other witnesses, said the lights appeared to be green, blue, and red as it kept flashing and changing colors. He likened it to a strobe light, a series of flashing lights. He ruled out a plane as a possible explanation because it would have moved.

When you observe the video carefully, the lights in the sky are nearly the same to the lights on the ground, indicating that they are lens flares. However, one of the lights in the sky does not pulse at the same time and doesn’t sync with the lights on the ground.

The sighting was also witnessed by an NBC 7 reporter and photographer. When the reporter covered a story on Tuesday night, the lens of their camera captured the strange phenomenon. According to the station, they contacted the military stationed nearby to try getting some answers about it, but so far, they receive no response.

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