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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Outback Man Snaps A UFO In Broad Daylight

An unidentified flying object (UFO) has been pictured flying above an outback hotspot in broad daylight. Alan Ferguson said he snapped the same photo over his home many times. He believes that the flying object he photographed was the real deal and one of the best he has captured since he started seeing them in 2008.

Mr Ferguson said he had a gut feeling to go outside his Australian outbreak home and take his camera on a Saturday morning, just before 10 am.

Referring to the alleged UFO image, he said that it shows a little shiny bit on the top. He thinks the brown, reddish tinge might be the result of the sun reflecting off the top. The photographer said that the UFO moved very fast that one should have the camera on fast-speed, continuous shoot to surely get them.

He revealed that he just took the photo without worries and then headed off to the pub. He showed it to a few people in there, and they all baffled about the UFO on the picture.

Mr Ferguson believes that the metallic balloon he took years ago was the best. He carried out the shot in Acacia Hills, approximately 30 miles south of Darwin in the country’s Northern Territory.

Mr Ferguson thinks UFOs have begun visiting the Top End of the country in the dry season, which has just started. He said that UFOs often made appearances in the area.

In 2009, Mr Ferguson had gained worldwide attention upon claiming UFOs were flying in the Australian outbreak regularly and took a photograph of an alleged extra-terrestrial sighting.

On the latter part of the same year, he apparently captured a UFO on film for the first time in a moment, which described by some as the biggest day in the history of Northern Territory.

Mr Ferguson has since become an online sensation. He has been claiming that he’s getting a gut feeling to go outside when UFOs are in the area. He said that nine out of ten times the unidentified flying objects were there.