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Monday, May 18, 2015

Alien Microchip Implantations

Many have suggested that aliens and UFOs have been visiting planet Earth since time immemorial. It’s just in the recent decades that millions of people started to believe that they exist. But some people think that aliens are here not merely to observe but they have plans to invade human race. These people believe that the observation is just part of the steps for total world domination.

How do these aliens observe mankind? Have you heard about implanted microchips? It is believed that some humans have already received their microchips, which have been implanted during sleep. According to this theory, the move has been done to ensure aliens can track mankind.

Another popular suggestion about the existence of aliens here on Earth is that ETs have abducted selected humans in order to perform surgical procedures and implanted those microchips. It is believed that if a human has a scar that can’t be explained or has flashbacks about being surrounded by surgical instruments, there’s a possibility that aliens abducted him. Another sign of alien abduction is when a human can’t control some of his actions because a device controls him.

Meanwhile, if you want more UFO news and information, you can check some of the posts here. Last May 8 in Florida, a UFO was captured during a golf game. It seems that the UFO moves slowly than the ball. Should humans worry about alien implanting microchips to humans? Do you think we have a chance of getting away from alien abduction? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

1 comment:

  1. Makes you wonder - if the implant is just a tracking device, why would they go thru the skull? Is it mind control??