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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Abandoned facility in Russia contains preserved bodies resembling aliens

We have heard many myths and stories of scientists or doctors experimenting on human beings for the sake of science or the evolution of mankind. Countless movies have been made based on such things, and what we see on the screen is not too far fetched from what actually happens in reality. -49

An abandoned pathology lab in Tobolsk, Western Siberia, is being investigated by Russian police after a medical student made a shocking discovery.

After Georgy Grogorchuk had been taking a walk in a park where children often visit, a facility with an open entrance piqued his curiosity. The med student decided to enter the building whereupon he saw a horrifying scene. There were mucky shelves that displayed skulls, plastic jars that contained remains and had dates written on the sides, and slides used from blood tests.

The student stated that he had heard about this facility from other alumni of his medical college. He had also heard that the abandoned things the place was filled with would be interesting. As a medical student, it is not a surprise that such things interested him.

The police officers decided to launch an investigation after the gruesome findings of mortal remains and mummified corpses of infants. In the abandoned facility, human bones and body parts were also dispersed.

On numerous bodies of the babies, there were scars that indicated where surgical procedures had been made. Some of these procedures had been carried out as early as 3 years ago.

What was the purpose of these inhuman experiments? Did the people responsible for these horrible acts succeed in their plans? Perhaps the tests were done as an attempt to create more intelligent and more advanced human beings. Maybe this was all done in hope for a better generation to shape our future. Whatever the reason was, their atrocious acts could not justify their deeds. Let’s just hope that if they succeeded in whatever they did, that their intentions and goals will not threaten us. 

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