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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

UFO Sighting in the Russian skies

If you have never seen a strange object before, or you have never experienced UFO sighting, you are probably curious about whether or not aliens do exist. In opposition to what the other people will tell you, the capacity to distinguish or identify UFOs is possible. Once you've had already differentiated, you'll become a good observer and has the skill to make a distinction between artificial objects and extraterrestrial life. 

Another UFO sighting has shown red lights hovering the sky. In less than one minute, the object is moving ground at massive distances. The amateur photographer captured the so-called UFO object. After seeing bizarre red lights soaring above, Yushkevich took images late at night of Tara on May 15 when he noticed unusual-looking lights. On his Vkontakte page, the lights were arranged one behind the other. The first photo was taken at 12.49am. To ensure that there were no erroneous shots, he decided to take another one at 12.50am. As he processed on the images, he noticed that the second image is behind the television tower.

As for the lights, there were no official explanations. But it was previously mentioned that the glares or insects on satellites or camera lens moving in space are the cause of UFO sightings. Assuming that it came from the lights, the Omsk region has been known for its strange happenings such as numerous claims and crop circles of UFOs in the night sky.

The head of the Omsk planetarium, Vladimir Krupko said that they have an astronomical camp in the region to study sky for a month. In 1990 up to 1991, he said that UFOs flew over Omsk regularly. The first object, which is a gas-like in the middle and two reddish lights on the edges, was spotted by the staffs of the Omsk Synthetic Rubber Plant.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Humans did not make the foreign object flying over Chile

In Chile, there is a rumor going around about a hovering UFO so advanced that there are claims by government experts that it could not have been create by human beings.

The sighting had been made in April of 2013 when photographs of a weird disc-shaped device were revealed. The foreign object was seen flying over the Collahuasi copper mine located in northern Chile. Many people witnessed the UFO as it hovered in the air for more than an hour. 

There were claims that experts at the Committee for the Studies of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena (CEFAA) said that this object could not have been made by man. However, it is not true that the organization said those words.

The CEFAA’s international affairs director, Jose Lay, stated that they do not pay attention to press articles of such topics.

There were also other media sources that also believed that humans did not create the device.

Pictures of the UFO were sent to CEFAA to be examined. Last year, Lay told Huffpost blogger/best-selling author Leslie Kean that it wasn’t possible for the object to be a drone working in the mine area.

After the organization examined the photos, they released the results in 2014, and suggested that the foreign aircraft was believed to be controlled by intelligence.

The CEFAA officials have stated their pilots (civilian and military) have made many reports on UFO and that they do believe in phenomenon. Because they have no idea where exactly they came from, they continue their investigations and hope that other countries will join forces with them in this task.

They have gathered a few chosen scientists from their universities to help them, and they also receive support from their armed services and police.

Lay also stated that Chile keeps in contact with 14 other countries worldwide. He clarified that the story claiming that the UFO that hovered above that copper mine would not have been revealed by any one associated with CEFAA.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Researchers Explain Giant UFOs Near The Sun

NASA picture shows monster ships orbiting the Sun, according to UFO chasers who believe that aliens may be trying to drain our star’s solar power.

Claims about three spaceships orbiting the Sun come from UFO researchers who have seen images of a massive solar flare in recently re-released images. YouTube user Streetcap1 claims to have noticed a UFO around the sun and posted a footage of it to the video sharing website.

UFO researcher Scott C Waring also examined the NASA pictures. He said that the right angles on the ship look like a massive crystal tower in space and lines along its edges can also be seen. He counted 17 angles on the UFO.

Waring noted that the photo was taken by a Solar and Heliospheric Observatory satellite (SOHO), which is being used to photograph our sun. He also noticed a second ship that looks the same in size with the first one, but its centre is less visible and thinner.

Waring speculates that the giant UFOs met in our Sun to carry out a United Worlds kind of meeting. Or they were there to suck our Sun’s energy. If his second theory is correct, then he believes that the sun will not last 5 billion years as what scientists predicted. He thinks the sun’s energy may only last below a billion years.

There have been various UFOs observed near the Sun as increasing number of conspiracy theorists took notice an array of anomalies in NASA photos.

In April 2015, a video that seemingly shows a UFO with a resemblance to Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic patterns near the sun made rounds online. However, sceptics have been pointing out that the craft getting so near to the sun would be obliterated by the heat as the sighting always seem to coincide with a solar flare.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Outback Man Snaps A UFO In Broad Daylight

An unidentified flying object (UFO) has been pictured flying above an outback hotspot in broad daylight. Alan Ferguson said he snapped the same photo over his home many times. He believes that the flying object he photographed was the real deal and one of the best he has captured since he started seeing them in 2008.

Mr Ferguson said he had a gut feeling to go outside his Australian outbreak home and take his camera on a Saturday morning, just before 10 am.

Referring to the alleged UFO image, he said that it shows a little shiny bit on the top. He thinks the brown, reddish tinge might be the result of the sun reflecting off the top. The photographer said that the UFO moved very fast that one should have the camera on fast-speed, continuous shoot to surely get them.

He revealed that he just took the photo without worries and then headed off to the pub. He showed it to a few people in there, and they all baffled about the UFO on the picture.

Mr Ferguson believes that the metallic balloon he took years ago was the best. He carried out the shot in Acacia Hills, approximately 30 miles south of Darwin in the country’s Northern Territory.

Mr Ferguson thinks UFOs have begun visiting the Top End of the country in the dry season, which has just started. He said that UFOs often made appearances in the area.

In 2009, Mr Ferguson had gained worldwide attention upon claiming UFOs were flying in the Australian outbreak regularly and took a photograph of an alleged extra-terrestrial sighting.

On the latter part of the same year, he apparently captured a UFO on film for the first time in a moment, which described by some as the biggest day in the history of Northern Territory.

Mr Ferguson has since become an online sensation. He has been claiming that he’s getting a gut feeling to go outside when UFOs are in the area. He said that nine out of ten times the unidentified flying objects were there.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

2015 UFO video filmed over Ystad, Sweden

Here's one interesting UFO sighting that was seen and recorded in the sky above Ystad in Sweden. This was taken on May 19, 2015.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Secret Documents Show Senior US Senator Reports Sighting Of Two UFOs

US government officials regarded as highly reliable claimed to have spotted two UFOs hovering close to a train line, but their superiors allegedly covered up the truth about the incident.

Alien researchers obtained X-files detailing the account of senior Senator Richard B Russell and two aides about seeing flying saucers taking off.

Nearly 60 years ago, Sen. Russell was on a Soviet-era train during a fact-finding mission to Russia. Russell was a chairman of the Armed Services Committee and considered as one of the most influential senators of the U.S. until he passed away in 1971 after 38 of service.

According to the Fund for UFO Research (FUFOR), they obtained documents revealing that Sen. Russell was travelling on October 4, 1955 at around 7 pm together with his two aides in the Transcaucasus region when the incident took place.

Sen. Russell is said to have looked out of the window and saw two disc-shaped UFOs taking off from an area close to the railway tracks. He then reportedly called over interpreter Ruben Efron and aide Lt Col Hathaway to the window, with them both witnessing the two aerial objects took off.

He and the aides told the US Air Force and security agencies at the US embassy in Prague about their sighting. They also reported the same thing in Czechoslovakia, but the report was kept confidential.

After meeting them, US embassy air attaché Lt Col Thomas Ryan filed a top secret Air Force intelligence report about the incident on October 14, 1955.

Lt Col Ryan described the witnesses as highly reliable American observers who saw an unconventional craft. According to the report, a disc ascended almost vertically at relatively slow speed. Its outer surface seemed to revolve slowly to the right while at 6,000 feet above the ground. The unusual craft’s speed increased as it headed north. The second flying disc-shaped object was seen making the same actions approximately a minute later. Its take off area was around 1 to 2 miles south of the rail line.

CIA agents interviewed the three witnesses as well as one unidentified witness. The documents say Mr Efron reported that the UFO glide without noise and no exhaust glow or trail was visible.

The fourth unnamed witness said that one UFO had a slight dome, and it had a white light on top. All witnesses said that it had a pinkish-white glow and moved up vertically. The glow moved slowly around the perimeter from right to left direction, providing the appearance of a pinwheel.

US Secretary of State John Foster Dulles was briefed about the sighting on October 18, 1955. The FBI penned a memo on November stating that the testimony of Lt Col Hathaway would support the existence of a flying saucer.

The details of the sighting were leaked to a reporter from the Los Angeles Examiner, who had a chance to approach Sen. Russell.

He responded to journalist Tom Towers saying that he had discussed it with the affected government agencies and they thought that it was not wise to publicize it that time, so he felt sorry that he can’t talk much about the matter.

Documents from the CIA, FBI and Air Force remained classified for 30 years before being made available to the public in 1985. But it was until FUFOR got them under a Freedom of Information Act request that the details surfaced.

FUFOR chairman Dr Bruce Maccabee said that the long-secret documents show for the first time that one of the most influential government officials witnessed and reported a UFO. He thinks that the men would have advised not to talk about it. He added that these documents are unique because it shows how the CIA took it seriously.

UFO Sightings Daily: Paranormal activity over Florida

UFO video filmed in the sky above Florida on May 15, 2015.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bright Fleet Of UFOs In Broad Daylight Over Spain

A photographer has claimed of capturing a fleet of UFOs on camera in the skies over Spain. Karl Jennings of Ireland said that he took the photos in broad daylight at around 5 PM on 27th October 2014 while in central Madrid.

He ensures that the pictures have not been altered in any way and believes that the unusual objects are not planes or birds, but rather a fleet of 14 unidentified baton-shaped aircraft.

According to Karl, the mysterious shapes remained visible for approximately 90 seconds before they disappeared behind some tall buildings.

He said that the strange aerial objects cruised with the illuminated facet facing down. The bizarre flying things then sped up, rotated length-wise and flipped on their backs with lights so bright. The witness further described the objects. He said that they didn’t have wings, propellers, audible sound, smoke, contrails, and finned-empennage.

According to the estimate of the witness, the UFOs were 8 kilometres above the ground and approximately 3-4.5 metres in length each.

Karl said that he consulted some photography and technology experts whom all agreed that they were not birds, but could not offer any other explanation.

For the purpose of comparison, he also pictured an Air Berlin plane, using the same camera and settings, just 20 minutes after the strange aerial event. Can you identify what are these bizarre objects?

Monday, May 18, 2015

Alien Microchip Implantations

Many have suggested that aliens and UFOs have been visiting planet Earth since time immemorial. It’s just in the recent decades that millions of people started to believe that they exist. But some people think that aliens are here not merely to observe but they have plans to invade human race. These people believe that the observation is just part of the steps for total world domination.

How do these aliens observe mankind? Have you heard about implanted microchips? It is believed that some humans have already received their microchips, which have been implanted during sleep. According to this theory, the move has been done to ensure aliens can track mankind.

Another popular suggestion about the existence of aliens here on Earth is that ETs have abducted selected humans in order to perform surgical procedures and implanted those microchips. It is believed that if a human has a scar that can’t be explained or has flashbacks about being surrounded by surgical instruments, there’s a possibility that aliens abducted him. Another sign of alien abduction is when a human can’t control some of his actions because a device controls him.

Meanwhile, if you want more UFO news and information, you can check some of the posts here. Last May 8 in Florida, a UFO was captured during a golf game. It seems that the UFO moves slowly than the ball. Should humans worry about alien implanting microchips to humans? Do you think we have a chance of getting away from alien abduction? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

UFO Sightings: Mysterious 'Flaming' Objects Spotted In Auckland Skies

Only one out of three people believes that UFOs exist. With or without aliens - UFOs are UFOs. But it’s worth examining the probability if extraterrestrial life really exists. Recently, something strange has been happening in Auckland’s skies, baffling not only the nation’s air safety experts, but also the residents of the city who constantly ask whether or not there is an alien life out there. Details of the incident were provided in the testimonies.

The Mysterious Details of the Incident

Their photos showed what seemed to be a bright object splashing across the sky. One witness claimed that the object was seen about 6.41 pm yesterday with a bright light, and a hazy or foggy cloud floating in the area until all the lights are dimmed. Before disappearing, the light was "hovering" for about twenty minutes.

Is There An Extra Terrestrial Life Out There?

Not one or two have seen the strange 'orange spheres' objects, but dozens of them have been reported. Apart from the orange spheres seen by the residents of the city, people also heard some powerful explosions emerging in the sky. One witness first thought that the object is a small plane on fire, then it changed into an army base, and then finally concluded that the strange object happens to be a UFO. These speculations have triggered the residents to believe that there was a strange alien activity happening in the sky.

Bright flashes being reported in the area is not a new incident because it already happened in February. However, it concluded as a chunk of a meteoroid or asteroid. The latest mysterious bright flashes in Auckland sky is not an exception to the rule. While others believe that aliens are visiting the earth, there are still alleged speculations that it was only a night light or meteor light emerging on the sky.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Australian man/UFO expert witnesses a flying device speeding above his country

As the years go by, the list of UFO sightings seem to grow longer. Are our own people just inventing more and more devices that we often mistake for aliens, or are extraterrestrial creatures growing so fond of Earth that they decide to frequently visit us?

Alan Ferguson, an expert on UFOs, claims to have witnessed a UFO sighting on Saturday. The Australian man saw the foreign device in the shape of a disk suddenly appear in the skies above Acacia Hills, which is approximately 50km south of Darwin.

Mr. Ferguson was quick to act and wasted no time in taking out his camera to record the strange scene that took place on Saturday morning.

Luckily for him, he was able to capture the flying device that was lingering above his home’s property. His camera was set on a quick paced loop. As a UFO expert, Mr. Ferguson has been recording sightings from around his country on the website he created, UFOTerritory.

The Australian man has become rather accustomed to seeing such strange activity. He has stated that he has seen more or less than 500 UFOs in his lifetime. He also said that such occurrences continuously happen all the time.

Allan Ferguson also says that he knows how to answer questions about these unusual devices but refused to share them with the general public.

There are a lot of people who have shared their experiences of their UFO encounters. The majority of us have yet to witness such event. It’s amazing to know that this man has spotted at least five hundred of these objects flying across the sky, but then again, as a UFO expert, one might expect the guy to have seen that much. What could this Australian know about these devices? Is there more to his claims than just having witnessed these phenomenon numerous times? As the general public, we may never hear the rest of his stories.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Abandoned facility in Russia contains preserved bodies resembling aliens

We have heard many myths and stories of scientists or doctors experimenting on human beings for the sake of science or the evolution of mankind. Countless movies have been made based on such things, and what we see on the screen is not too far fetched from what actually happens in reality. -49

An abandoned pathology lab in Tobolsk, Western Siberia, is being investigated by Russian police after a medical student made a shocking discovery.

After Georgy Grogorchuk had been taking a walk in a park where children often visit, a facility with an open entrance piqued his curiosity. The med student decided to enter the building whereupon he saw a horrifying scene. There were mucky shelves that displayed skulls, plastic jars that contained remains and had dates written on the sides, and slides used from blood tests.

The student stated that he had heard about this facility from other alumni of his medical college. He had also heard that the abandoned things the place was filled with would be interesting. As a medical student, it is not a surprise that such things interested him.

The police officers decided to launch an investigation after the gruesome findings of mortal remains and mummified corpses of infants. In the abandoned facility, human bones and body parts were also dispersed.

On numerous bodies of the babies, there were scars that indicated where surgical procedures had been made. Some of these procedures had been carried out as early as 3 years ago.

What was the purpose of these inhuman experiments? Did the people responsible for these horrible acts succeed in their plans? Perhaps the tests were done as an attempt to create more intelligent and more advanced human beings. Maybe this was all done in hope for a better generation to shape our future. Whatever the reason was, their atrocious acts could not justify their deeds. Let’s just hope that if they succeeded in whatever they did, that their intentions and goals will not threaten us. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

UFO Flashed by Plane Caught On Video

Unidentified Flying Object in Rome caught from a professional photographer's camera left UFO investigators puzzled.

A man did not realize what he captured after filming a plane from his camera not after he reviewed the film. Aside from the plane, his camera captured an object that UFO researchers are still wondering what it could be. The professional photographer noticed a strange object popped into his screen for a period of time.

The Mediterranean UFO Center is still investigating and examining the video to determine what the object is. From the analysis of C.UFO.M, investigator Angelo Maggioni ruled out that it was a bird or a balloon. It was said that it was too high for a bird to fly and appeared to have moving lights to say it was a balloon. The height where the object was located is calculated to be 13,000 meters or is lower to where the plane was flying. As the camera shifts to keep track of the plain, the UFO was seen to flash by. It is said that the UFO was stationary or moving slowly. Some reflections were noted and seen to the left, but the location of the sun, which was to the left. If the object is an odd-shaped or misshapen, reflections would change rapidly. But because of the UFO's lights everything is in odd place making it remain as an Unidentified Flying Object.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Locations of flying saucers in Oregon: Map created to spot UFO activity in the U.S.A.

Over time, there have been countless reports of strange objects flying across the Earth’s skies and it’s hard to keep track of all of them. Fortunately for us, Find the Best brought to life an interactive map to follow UFO activity across America, by county and per unit. Just like other states in the West, Oregon is where countless unidentified flying objects have been spotted.

The Mutual UFO Network is an organization that collects information without trying to validate or refute the existence of separate sightings. This is where the map uses the sightings that are brought directly to the organization.

The map indicates that Lake County has 116.9 sightings per 100,000 people and therefore has the most UFO sightings in Oregon. The place with the lowest activity is Polk Country with only 9.2 sightings. Multnomah has 39.9 sightings while Clackamas County has exactly 25.

This is very good timing for the state’s annual UFO festival (McMenamins UFO Festival), which will take place in Downtown McMinnville from May 14 to 17. There will be many free events, while others will require tickets. Aside from topics on these foreign objects, the festival will also feature experts and aficionados giving lectures on other subjects, as well as amusement and the UFO Costume Parade.

Yamhill County has a total amount of 25.1 UFO sightings per 100,00 people, which is rather low in the state of Oregon but still higher compared to most places in the country.

In the Pacific Northwest, Klickitat County has had many reports of strange devices passing through their sky. The county has 116.9 sightings per 100,000 people, just like Lake County, making it a hotspot as well for UFO activity.

Klickitat County is supposedly a place where aliens take the form of a cow. There have been claims that at least nine cows are secretly aliens.

Given the numerous UFO sightings in this area, is it actually possible that aliens are among us, disguised as domesticated ungulates? 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Tube-shaped UFO seen above a Mexican volcano whilst flying

Mexico is one of the places who have seen many high profile UFO sightings in several years. One of it is the famous incident in 2004, in which Jaime Maussan interviewed Mexican Air Force Pilots showing and infrared video showing at least 11 very hot “spheres” moving irregularly with great speed. These objects couldn’t be seen with the naked eye, and so as the crew or whoever manning these objects cannot be seen. It’s a UFO or what they call Unidentified Flying Object. That’s what it claimed about. This time another sighting has been reported. A video has gone viral today that claimed to have taken a glimpse of a moving object in a shape of a cigar or a stick across the starry night sky. As seen on the video the object was observed to be larger than any other astronomical phenomenon we can perceive of. And it was also girdled with weird lights as it was moving.

The video was by Mister Enigma, a science website with an account in Youtube that frequently uploads videos about strange sightings of UFO’s or Unidentified Flying Objects. The website stated that the video was taken on 3rd of May year 2015 above a volcano in Mexico named Popocatepetl, which is located 43 miles southeast of Mexico City.

Apart from this sighting, similar shaped Unidentified flying objects are reported to be seen in different parts of North America and Mexico these past eight months.

In February, a same shaped object was seen above the same volcano. In October, two separate sightings in Georgia, one sighting of three in Ohama, Nebraska, and another in Charleston, West Virginia, and in Texas, and in Ontario, Canada. What could be this strange sightings be implying? Does it mean something? Are they somewhat delivering a message if it is true? Or is it just another photographic and video anomaly?

Saturday, May 9, 2015

NASA Photographs Show An Image Of Classic Alien Spacecraft

Keen eyes of a UFO spotter discovered an alien-looking craft in a 55-year-old NASA photo from the early years of the space programme. Scott C Waring said he spotted a strange object in the image from 1960 taken by an unmanned probe. The picture was taken during the Mercury project in the early years of the US space exploration.

Waring believes that alien observers have been monitoring the progress of human technology and activities in space from the beginning of mankind’s mission into space.

Waring is particularly referring to the image captured on December 19, 1960 by space capsule Mercury-Redstone 1A.

He posted a story about the UFO in the photo to his blog. He said that he found a disk in space observing the Mercury capsule. He pointed out that the disk is hard to see in the first photo, but clear enough in three photos later. The disk appears with a wedge cut out of it.

Project Mercury was running from 1959 through 1963. It was the first human spaceflight program of the US. The first US mission brought several significant firsts in human history including when Alan Shepherd became the first American into space in May 1961, and in February 1962 John Glenn became the first man to orbit Earth.

Just few months ago, an internet UFO researcher and Mr Waring were inviting the attention of UFO enthusiasts by presenting NASA photos from the pre-Apollo era when they came across two glowing objects in a photo from 1966 Gemini mission.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Dancing Lights In the Sky Over Pampanga, Philippines (Multiple Witnesses)

Online posts from netizens featuring videos and photos of dancing lights taken from Lubao Diversion Road in Pampanga, Philippines a few days ago have created a buzz on the internet.

One video posted last April 26 seems to show fiery lights hovering in the sky. According to Paolo Gallardo, the one who posted the video, the lights stayed in one spot for around 5 to 8 minutes.

Gallardo also posted a photo of the exact location where they spotted and captured the dancing lights on video. The area has no mountains and buildings. Gallardo revealed that it was his cousin Patrick Gallardo first noticed the mysterious lights.

Another netizen Jojo Dimagiba posted a video of the same dancing lights but cited that it was along SCTEX.

Aside from the videos, photos of the said lights also made round online. One photo from Jhic De Guzman Dimagiba has a caption saying that the camera being used was on aperture priority. The light patterns in the picture are similar to the two videos from Gallardo and Dimagiba.

Michael Francis Mendoza pointed out that a friend from Pampanga also captured the dancing lights in a photo, which Mendoza included in his comment.

Some netizens say the Pampanga Lights could be a UFO sighting while others say it may be a convergence of fireflies. Apparently, there was a UFO sighting report in Pampanga prior to this sighting. It happened last year 2000 when mysterious lights also observed dancing in the sky for around 5 hours over the towns of Mabalacat and Angeles. No updates can be found anywhere about it though.

What do you think about the dancing lights? UFO sighting? Convergence of fireflies? Or maybe some strong land-based halogen lights that reflected on the clouds? Tell us your thoughts about it.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Strange Lights Spotted Over San Diego (VIDEO)

Strange UFO had emerged over Southwest San Diego, and a resident captured it on video. The footage snapped by Larry Fox seems to show multiple light sources floating in the sky above Coronado Bridge. The apparent cluster of multi-colored orbs hovered without making any noise in the air for several minutes before disappearing entirely.

Fox, as well as other witnesses, said the lights appeared to be green, blue, and red as it kept flashing and changing colors. He likened it to a strobe light, a series of flashing lights. He ruled out a plane as a possible explanation because it would have moved.

When you observe the video carefully, the lights in the sky are nearly the same to the lights on the ground, indicating that they are lens flares. However, one of the lights in the sky does not pulse at the same time and doesn’t sync with the lights on the ground.

The sighting was also witnessed by an NBC 7 reporter and photographer. When the reporter covered a story on Tuesday night, the lens of their camera captured the strange phenomenon. According to the station, they contacted the military stationed nearby to try getting some answers about it, but so far, they receive no response.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Latest triangle UFO videos!

Here are 3 UFO videos of a triangular formations in the sky, that were recorded over UK and USA last month.

El Paso, Texas

Phoenix, Arizona - April 8

Workington, UK - April 19