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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

UFO sightings map

Soon, we are going to have a live UFO sightings map on our website. You could even upload your own videos of sightings to our UFO sightings map page. Where does your city rank in terms of UFO sightings? Find out using our special UFO sightings map.

Long before E.T. could fly across the sky on a cute little bicycle, we have been tracking the different UFO sightings and have decided to prepare a map out of them. If you believe that you have seen a real UFO and have even managed to take a video of one flying, then you could share it with us. We will even feature the best videos and put them on top of our blog. We would be running a geospatial analysis on the variegated UFO sightings and even putting up the stats that would go to show how many UFOs have been sighted in your locality.

You could even personally visit those places, where the UFOs have been sighted most and who knows? Maybe you could sight a UFO too and trust your eyes enough to see a flying saucer.

We know that a lot of them might turn out to be space balloons, but then people keep seeing weird things in the sky every day. Texas seems to be the most paranoid out there and there are many other states in the U.S.A. where you could find people sighting UFOs on a daily basis. You could still give yourself a benefit of doubt that you have seen a real UFO. Our UFO sightings map is an excellent tool for academicians and researchers alike to use. You could use it to even predict where the next UFO could possibly come.

We are dedicated to solving the UFO mysteries of the world one by one. If you have a fascination with UFOs, then you must try out this UFO sightings map. You could personally become an investigator using our UFO sightings map. While not technically a map, we have put up a collection of UFO sightings across the world. Some of the sightings date as far back as 1943. Weird? There are many people, who have sighted UFOs even years ago. Moreover, you will find that the U.S.A. is the single largest country with the maximum UFO sightings followed by France and then, by Britain. France and Britain are less populated than Germany and have still seen more UFOs than Germany. You will notice many such discrepancies in the sightings. Aliens would definitely not distinguish one country from another and would not visit only one particular country more than another, if our logic serves us right. So, a UFO could be either a cultural phenomenon or for real.

You will be able to find out what the truth is using our awesome tool – the UFO sightings map. We will give you everything you need to know about UFOs. Our map will also show you what exactly you need to look for while looking for UFOs. It also turns out the aliens are indeed considerate enough not to disturb the earthlings and just pass by our planet.

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