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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Oklahoma: UFO Caught On Video By A News Team

Social media and print media have been flooded with UFO sightings for many years. However, most of these sightings were ruled out as natural phenomena or not being discussed by people who should clarify such mysterious phenomena. Many sightings are reported via word of mouth with no evidence at all. Some are backed by video or photo evidence. The credibility of the witnesses or the kind of proof usually presented is being ridiculed by a lot of skeptics.

However, the latest UFO sighting that being featured online seems to have the credibility of both the source and the proof at hand. On March 12, 2015, a mysterious bright object caught on a video camera while flying across the sky near the Shawnee Grand Casino during a live morning news broadcast. The KOCO morning team had posted a short 13-second video on their site, showing a bright, green object streaking across the sky. The camera that caught the mysterious aerial activity was positioned at the top of the Grand Casino.

The strange appearance of the UFO activity happened at the start of 6 AM traffic broadcast. As the object appeared in the background, no one ever mentioned it. Instead, a reporter went on to introduce their meteorologist.

The news team who apparently posted the video asks their viewers to tell what they think about the object. Many observers provided a range of opinions, from shooting stars to meteors and from aircraft to aliens. No idea about possible hoax was mentioned in the comment section, perhaps because of the fact that a news organization posted it. The least we could do as of the moment is to wait for the update from the KOCO News about the object.

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