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Sunday, April 5, 2015

New York Wildlife Terrified By Jagged UFO

source: Youtube
The object made an unusual sound as it hovered for three minutes and disappeared, according to the cameraman. The witness claims he spotted a strange jagged-shaped UFO in the sky over New York.

Hovering in the mid-air during a clear daylight, the witness recorded the activity of dark, disc-shaped object on video. On January 15, the 14-second video became live to the public via YouTube. The amateur videographer says that he failed to record the entire mysterious activity because his phone shut down with unusual overheating issue.

According to the witness, the UFO scared away the wildlife nearby because of the strange noise from it.

Von Edgar-Land, the YouTube user who uploaded the video, asks if anyone can identify the object.

The uploader says that his UFO sighting happened on January 14, 2015. He saw the UFO for around 3 minutes while making a weird noise that caused the birds to fly away.

The witness reveals that he used his iPhone to record his UFO sighting on video, but it mysteriously shut off with overheating sign.

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