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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Massive Space Objects Have Been Tracked Docking Behind the Moon In Circular Formation

Numerous space objects baffled government officials as to why they have docked themselves on the hidden side of the moon. Dr. Eric Norton, who worked as an outside consultant to the NASA and NSA for the past 12 years, was hired to give a closer look at various objects in space, such as comets and meteors. However, he has been following several UFOs that were heading towards Earth recently.

Norton saw large, three-dimensional black structures in space flying in straight line formation towards planet Earth on January 22, 2012. The objects seemed to have force fields that deflected space particles from hitting them, somewhat similar to the magnetic field around the earth. Norton said that the objects came near to the Earth that they could see the structural features of them in high detail using their telescopes. Norton claimed that the objects formed a three-dimensional L-shaped. On January 2013, the object had been tracked to approximately 200,000 miles past the planet Mars. Then the object suddenly disappeared upon reaching this point.

Norton said he knew that high-ranking government officials were worried about these imposing structures because he was guarded 24/7 by Secret Service agents heavily. He claimed that they watched these things in disbelief for nearly the whole year of 2013. They don’t have any idea of what was happening and where these massive flying things came from. According to Norton’s calculations, these things can be seen from Earth right now had they never keep themselves invisible from us. They did not know whether these things still moving towards Earth, or they had left the solar system.

Dr. Norton was sent home and told to wait for additional order but had not heard anything else about the mysterious objects for around six months. He decided to call his close friend whom he worked with confidentially. This person reportedly told Norton that the objects made an appearance again and concealed themselves in the hidden area of the moon in a circular type of alignment. They docked the backside of the moon, which made them invisible to sky observers from Earth.

Norton said that he understood the reason the government classified the information related to the massive UFOs behind the moon. He explained that if the information were declassified, it would cause a breakdown of all religions and the society itself. Though Norton and colleagues did not have an idea about the activity of the three large structures in space, he noted that these unusual space objects may have been changing the magnetic waves in our planet’s gravitational field. Those who believe that the moon is a big satellite think that the creator might have been back. However, all of these are speculations as of now and only time can tell if they are correct.

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