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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Dwarf Aliens On Martian Surface

UFO observer Scott Waring believes that Martian surface once held a tribe of dwarves. He came up such theory after discovering NASA pictures that apparently show remains of a long-lost race of tiny beings. He posted pictures online that seemed to show what he called an abandoned spaceship and a little ancient structure.

Other observers also noticed workmen, humans, and alien thigh bone in photos of the Red Planet’s surface. Waring thinks that the tiny inhabitants would only measure a few centimeters tall. He believes that it would be unscientific if he closes his mind and says that such thing is impossible.

He said that if a person says it’s not possible, he or she isn’t smart enough to see the big picture. He firmly believes that he spotted real anomaliesfrom ancient Martian culture.

Some speculate that if little green men once lived on Mars then they may have worshipped a being with similarity to Princess Nefertiti, wife of an Egyptian pharaoh.

Waring also spotted a face on one of the hills of Mars. He said that it looked like alien species because it does not look human. So, what happened to the micro-Martians if this speculation is true?

Well, Dr. John Brandenburg has the answer. He said that they were probably killed by another species. But he warned that noisy humans could be next.

Scientists have yet to find evidence of life anywhere in the Universe outside planet Earth, but signs are there.

In 2014, Curiosity Rover found a methane burp on Mars. Scientists are hopeful that they could find alien life in the form of bacteria similar to Earth, but no similar microorganisms have ever discovered on Mars yet. NASA researchers suggest that life possibly existed on the Red Planet when it was still wet enough for life as we know it.

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