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Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Bright Green UFO Reportedly Sounded Like A Lawnmower

A UFO with three large, bright, green lights reportedly seen by an Oklahoma witness at Tulsa. The witness said that it made a sound similar to a lawnmower and travelled as close as the tree top level. The sighting took place around 2 am on January 14, 2015 and filed in Case 62631 from the Mutual UFO Network’s witness UFO sighting map.

The witness saw the object from a patio door travelling toward her location. According to the report, the object with solid green lights in the sky moved from north airport area towards the witness. The witness stated that the lights were so round and bright, which made her wondered what was in the sky.

When the object came close to the house of the witness, she could immediately see three large bright green lights, but did not count them properly, so she suspected the object could have had more green lights. She could hear a loud noise from the UFO through her glass door. She described the sound like a loud lawnmower in the sky.

When the mysterious flying object came even closer, the witness saw bright flashing red light at the back of the strange flying thing. The witness said that she has been living near the airport and already seen different lights from airplanes and helicopters. But she never witnessed as many lights as what she had seen and never heard such strange sound from any aircraft. The UFO continued to move away to the southeast and disappeared from a distance.

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