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Thursday, April 30, 2015

UFO over Colombia

Investigating potential outcomes in his brain about what the item could have been, he clarified that just authority police and Army watch flights are permitted over the city. He additionally discounted a blow up.
Richard Emblin, the chief and manager in-head of Colombia's English-dialect daily paper, The City Paper, reported locating a shape-moving UFO on Sunday, 12th of April from the veranda of his residence situated in the Rosales neighborhood of the Colombian city of Bogota.

Emblin, who has work distributed in top universal daily papers, for example, Germany's Der Spiegel, TIME and The New York Times and has secured clashes in Colombia and Angola, distributed three photos of the "UFO" which he saw while sitting on the gallery of his home in Bogota.

Relating his involvement in an article distributed on the site of the daily paper, Emblin said he ventured out onto his gallery in the Rosales neighborhood of Bogota for an espresso and cigarette early Sunday morning, 12th of April, when he gazed upward and saw a dark speck ascending into the sky.

According to him, the objects distance is from his own location is about five kilometer.

Emblin, who is a pilot, demanded he is acquainted with planes and can recognize the sound of an Airbus A 340 from that of a Boeing 777.

He demanded that what he saw was not a conventional plane or an automaton but rather a UFO: It had no tail, no attached wings, and it is soundless.

The UFO showed up as a dark speck in the sky when he first saw it, yet it changed shape various times.

As indicated by Emblin, when the item halted over a zone of the town not a long way from the airplane terminal, an Airbus A320 took off at about the same time. From his evaluation of the position of the UFO in respect to the Airbus, the pilots in the cockpit may have seen it.

Communicating lament about his "corroded" photography abilities, he said he perceived that the article changed shape and had the capacity to pick up and lose altitude quickly. It could likewise fly from one end of the city to the next in a matter of seconds.

The pictures demonstrate the "UFO" accepting a 8-formed or twofold ring structure. The article additionally transformed its course in space, moving or tilting to the other side before it at last vanished from sight, as indicated by Emblin.

Emblin's guardedness and alert was obvious from his record. He was heartbreakingly mindful that his notoriety for being a essayist was an issue. hitherto he had seen something dissimilar to anything he had ever seen. The locating required a clarification, and his obligation as a writer was to record the proof.

His record is obviously an endeavor to present as precisely as he could what he saw without adorning the truths.

Readers have contributed their own points.Regrettable it is indeed that Emblin was not able to take a snap shot or record a video of the object. The still pictures are not sufficient enough to infer an exact impression of what the object could have been.

A reader of the daily paper proposed that it could have been perhaps a Mylar balloon. At the same time, as another reader called attention to, inflatables don't zoom over the sky in the way Emblin portrayed.

A reader, Amit Kumar, who proposed that the object could have been a swarm of creepy crawlies or a swarm of some other flying life-structure. This recommends a viewpoint that seems deserving of thought and takes us back to the prior remark that it is deplorable that Emblin was not able to catch a feature of the UFO.

The conduct of the UFO in movement could yield pieces of information about what it was.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The truth is out there? UFO conference claims government conspiracy

 Large crowds apparently showed up for the first two events in Montreal and Toronto. Are the attendees of UFO conferences growing in number?

It’s rising very quickly at the moment, as there have been many thousands of sightings all over the globe, along with a lot of people they’re in the loop and, they believe, and their simply unwillingness is to speak about it for the reason that some of their associates are disposed not to believe them pending they have their own understanding.

Because they are deceitful, the U.S. government, they have been insincere for 68 years on this subject matter, and very considerably. It’s a sect of lying, of deceptive the people, misleading parliament whose has been putting up enormous, massive sums of cash they don’t still know about, and it’s long precedent time the fact is out. End the fact restriction and start telling the reality, since these are vital subjects and the public, together in the United States, however, in addition at this point and somewhere else have a right to know about it.

How do you answer UFO skeptics?

I advise them to study my books in addition to others; because there’s so a great deal of prose on the topic, that is just astonishing. As well as the skeptics, by large, have on no account done some understanding on it.

And it’s now like, take any additional subject, like physics or something that you are not well-known with, you can be cynical of some of the set of laws and things public say if you haven’t taken time out to find out about it.

 Where is the proof of the existence of UFOs and aliens?

You have to study the books and if the facts are clearer to you then, you can do the verification yourself. There are numerous evidences, but only if you can identify where to come across and taken the problem to go and look.

Who is covering up and why?

The United States government is the main offender. Why is a good question, you should request them, because on the whole, at an inquiry, we held a many years ago in Washington, the agreement of the witnesses at the trial, of whom I was one, was that it was power and greed.

They cover it up under the veil of national security, but we all, I think the agreement of all of us who gave evidence there was that it had absolutely nothing to do with national security, it was a swathe story to keep people from challenging the answers, and that the genuine reasons were power and greed.

Have you seen a UFO or an alien?

I have in reality seen one at our northern small house. So has my daughter; there was one that went precisely past her window right around in the back the boat house.

How would you recognize an alien?

I think it is partially by feel. last November, I was in England discussing to one of the top ufologist, I knew quiet well, His name is Timothy Good. And he has been to their establishment 3 times, he said me. The ones he once saw were those ones that look exactly like man.

Because there are many kinds, a sizable number of them, and there are some that have the massive arms and the thin legs and arms and so on, there are some other spiece looks like preying mantis, but fairly a few of them look like us. There are the Nordic Blondes for instance, look much like us, hence, you can walk down the street right past you without you even detecting them.

But the ones which he had come across, were tall with blond hair, but had something concerning them that are a slightly different. He could tell, and them he could tell, telepathically, that they were guests from some outer space.

Do you think aliens are dangerous to us?

The simple answer is that they are almost all kind and welcoming, but perhaps one or two types that are not.

This is a major reason, we expect the United States government to tell the fact is just what they be familiar with in this area.

Is the truth out there?

It’s coming out, gradually but certainly, as the people who have been in the business get aged and becoming closer to death, they’re starting to talk more, start to tell the truth more.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Former Canadian Defence Minister Makes Initiative To Educate People About UFOs and Extraterrestrials

An alleged cover-up of the UFOs is the main subject in a series of speaking tour lead by former Canadian defence minister Paul Hellyer. In their stop at the University of Calgary on Saturday, the “Disclosure Canada Tour” was attended by around 400 people. Hellyer, who served as defence minister for Canada in the 1960s, as well as the other speakers, want the government to declassify all the information they have on UFOs.

The 91-year-old native of Ontario first spoke about the alleged cover-up by world governments in 2005. He said that UFOs are as common as the planes in the sky.

According to Hellyer, his participation in the tour is part of his commitment to spreading the word about his beliefs and telling people that UFOs and extraterrestrial presence is happening without their knowledge.

Hellyer said that not much media talk about it. So, his group should have to keep working away and hope that one day, a significant number of people will gather together and say one way or another that “Mr. President or Mr. Prime Minister we want the entire truth about the UFO because it affects our lives.”

The tour will continue Sunday in Vancouver.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

UFO Sighting Videos Over Tijuana Featured In Mexican News

Videos of mysterious lights over Tijuana were being picked up by a Mexican news site Cadena news. The news site posted videos of some strange lights over the city that appear from a disc-shaped object. Cadena News reporter Alfredo Alvarez posted two UFO videos to his YouTube account, and Cadena News posted the YouTube videos to their site. The videos are titled Otro OVNI en Tijuana and OVNI en Tijuana.

There was no description given by Alvarez in his two videos, and Cadena News added just a little information. In Cadena News site, a story about the first video is titled “UFO Recorded in Tijuana” (roughly translated).

The first paragraph tells the reader that a social network user posted the video and taken from crossing 10 de Mayo and Boulevard 2000. The news site noted in the same story that UFO is not synonymous with an alien. The video displays a bright light in the night sky that appears to be pulsing. The camera pans down to show cars on the side of the road and people looking up the sky.

Cadena News posted the second story within an hour of the first post. The second post titled “There are new UFO videos in Tijuana” shows more detail of the unusual aerial object. The content only states “Watch the video…it shows more detail of the strange object. What do you think? UFO.”

The second video shows a bright object in the night sky just like the first one. The camera zooms in this time, giving a more detailed shape of the object. The mysterious aerial object appears to be a disc-shaped, rocking back and forth. The object also has ring of lights that appears to be doing some kind of display. As the object rocks, it can be seen that it has no lights on the top of it, just on the bottom.

No information provided about the time of the sighting or if the two videos were shot at the same time. The videos have no description or commentary. It would have been better if Alvarez provided some information about his two videos.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mysterious Black Ring Sparks UFO Rumours

The video of a strange black ring spotted above a village in Kazakhstan has sparked UFO rumours. The video received mixed reactions after it was made available online, particularly in YouTube at the weekend. The residents in the village of Shorthandy, near Astana in Kazakhstan, were all stunned upon seeing the mysterious black ring in the clear blue sky. It disappeared without a trace after circling above for several minutes.

The sighting happened on Saturday morning. The footage of the mysterious black ring has received thousands of views and shares to various sharing sites. Almost all who shared the video are speculating as to what could have caused such unusual sighting.

While many suggest a UFO or extraterrestrial existence, sceptical people say it could be the result of a rising or falling mass of warm or cold air, which is also known as a thermal microburst. The ring could be artificially made as well, according to some sceptics.

However, no comprehensive explanation yet as to what causes the anomaly in the sky during that day. Experts, scientists and UFO enthusiasts are expected to give their comments very soon. Nevertheless, the sighting amazed a lot of people online as the formation is not the thing you can witness every day.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

UFOs Daily: April 21, 2015

Cinisello Balsamo, Italy
Here's this interesting footage recorded by Antonio Urzi on April 15 near Milano.

Naples, Florida
This sighting of a bright Orb, slowly flying over the beach, was taken on April 11, 2015.

Monday, April 20, 2015

UFO sightings daily website

We post daily UFO sightings and videos of the same on our website. We also search for alien structures in the variegated NASA photos. We believe that it will be a phenomenal year ahead with the various sightings being reported daily.

Is there something going on in space that we do not know about? The latest images from NASA show a UFO flying near the sun. Only very few people have access to these secrets and they have not revealed anything about it. We will update you on the latest happenings in space and with regards to UFOs. We even try our best to explain unexplained mysteries such as UFOs and the like. We even do our best to show the latest images on alien spaceships that land both on the earth as well as outside of the earth. No. These are not run of the mill conspiracy theories, but attempts to show the world the truth.

And no. We are not crazy. We are just crazy about the UFOs that land on our planet and outside of our planet. Not only are these crafts unidentified, but they are also out of this world – phenomenal is the right word for describing these crafts that descend from the heavens on our planet. We put the best images of the UFOs and the clearest ones at that so that you can easily find out whether or not they are truly UFOs. In fact, you can decide for yourself when you see our videos and images whether or not we are telling you the truth!

We give you only the latest news on UFO landings. If you want to see what we have sighted in the past, you can simply visit our archives. We may be just a blog, but we are gradually growing and soon hope that it will become bigger than it is now. You can even share your thoughts on whether or not the UFO sightings we have listed are real on our website by checking one of the two options: real or fake. We have even got our own Facebook page and you can feel free to like it, if you want to.

Some facts about alien sightings

Alien sightings have always been connected in the past with natural disasters or changes in the climate and these assumptions are coming true since these UFO sightings happened during such times. These are, however, things to continue pondering about till we actually discover that there is indeed life outside the earth’s atmosphere.

A world and life beyond that on earth may exist beyond the skies. Life forms that are more intellectual as compared to ours’ may have been visiting the earth for centuries. In the year 2015, it has, however, become very clear that there are life forms outside the earth and that we are not alone due to the number of visits to our planet and also due to the number of sightings by people.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Triangle UFO over Atlanta, Georgia 2015

UFOs Daily presents this amazing UFO sighting that was recorded by a passenger on an airplane over Atlanta in Georgia. This happened earlier in 2015.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Betz Family Discovered Mysterious Stainless Steel-Like Artifact That Can Move All By Itself

Members of the Betz family went into the scene where a small brush fire took place to check the damage it had done to their property on Ft. George Island, Florida. Antoine and Jerri Betz, as well as their 21-year-old son, did not expect to find a strange object when they were in the area of the minor fire incident. It was described as a bright metal globe, approximately the same size of a bowling ball sitting on the grass. They thought of an old cannon ball because it was heavy when they lift it. The island has a long history of Spanish missions in the 16th century. They decided to take the mysterious ball to their home.

The first incident involving the ball was when Terry played his guitar, and the ball interestingly resonated the music. It started to move around all by itself. The Betz family put the ball on their table, and they watched it moving on its own around the perimeter without falling off. Doors of their house started to slam, and their resident was filled with strange organ music, even though there was no such instrument around.

The family further experimented the ball. Terry hit the ball with a metal object. Mysteriously, the ball responded with a ringing sound. The family also discovered that the ball appeared to be sensitive to weather conditions. It made more activities during sunny days than cloudy days. Infrared or direct heat seemed to have no effect on the ball. The Betz family then contacted news agencies in hope to get ideas of the bizarre artifact.

Media frenzy then followed, and Betz family started to think that they recovered some type of alien space probe. They let the object be subjected to the scientific test, which was done by Dr. Carl Williston of Omega Minus One, a Louisiana-based institution that time. After testing for approximately six hours, Dr. Williston discovered that the ball had 3-4 magnetic poles. An X-ray examination revealed three similar shapes within the ball. Interestingly, these three shapes had a halo that surrounded them. The metal had stainless-steel material but had some unidentified content, making it slightly different.

Unfortunately, the story about the mysterious ball had gone, and no one could tell where the object at the moment. Those who know the story suggested that it might be an extraterrestrial probe in a damaged state.

Friday, April 17, 2015

An Animated Data Viz Presents UFO Sighting Information Since 1933

The animated data viz of MBA candidate Christian Pearson shows that aliens don’t shy away from visiting urban areas or densely populated areas. It shows UFO sightings from 1933 until the most recent ones in sequence. It has little blinking lights on the map of the world to indicate the number of sightings. Created using web-based software and data from the National UFO reporting center, the visualization is part of QuantBait initiative that Pearson wants to tell stories about social, political, and economic issues.

Pearson said that this UFO sighting map was a fun initiative to convey the point that beautifully made data visualization can offer profound insights.

The map shows that reported UFO sightings were at their highest number around 1950s and 1960s. In the United States, CIA’s U2-program probably contributed to the number of UFO sightings. The program was a Cold War air surveillance initiative that started in 1954 and ended in 1974. Under this program, the CIA tested several spy planes at Area 51. The Area 51 facility has been the subject of various conspiracy theories about the presence of extra-terrestrials. The more recent sightings are also featured in the data viz.

Pearson said it’s also evident in the data that UFOs don’t shy away from the cities, contrary to the thinking of some people that UFO sightings only occurred in isolated, rural areas.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

UFOs Daily presents amazing sighting over Argentina

Here's one UFO video from that was recorded over Buenos Aires in Argentina on 13th April 2015..

Massive Space Objects Have Been Tracked Docking Behind the Moon In Circular Formation

Numerous space objects baffled government officials as to why they have docked themselves on the hidden side of the moon. Dr. Eric Norton, who worked as an outside consultant to the NASA and NSA for the past 12 years, was hired to give a closer look at various objects in space, such as comets and meteors. However, he has been following several UFOs that were heading towards Earth recently.

Norton saw large, three-dimensional black structures in space flying in straight line formation towards planet Earth on January 22, 2012. The objects seemed to have force fields that deflected space particles from hitting them, somewhat similar to the magnetic field around the earth. Norton said that the objects came near to the Earth that they could see the structural features of them in high detail using their telescopes. Norton claimed that the objects formed a three-dimensional L-shaped. On January 2013, the object had been tracked to approximately 200,000 miles past the planet Mars. Then the object suddenly disappeared upon reaching this point.

Norton said he knew that high-ranking government officials were worried about these imposing structures because he was guarded 24/7 by Secret Service agents heavily. He claimed that they watched these things in disbelief for nearly the whole year of 2013. They don’t have any idea of what was happening and where these massive flying things came from. According to Norton’s calculations, these things can be seen from Earth right now had they never keep themselves invisible from us. They did not know whether these things still moving towards Earth, or they had left the solar system.

Dr. Norton was sent home and told to wait for additional order but had not heard anything else about the mysterious objects for around six months. He decided to call his close friend whom he worked with confidentially. This person reportedly told Norton that the objects made an appearance again and concealed themselves in the hidden area of the moon in a circular type of alignment. They docked the backside of the moon, which made them invisible to sky observers from Earth.

Norton said that he understood the reason the government classified the information related to the massive UFOs behind the moon. He explained that if the information were declassified, it would cause a breakdown of all religions and the society itself. Though Norton and colleagues did not have an idea about the activity of the three large structures in space, he noted that these unusual space objects may have been changing the magnetic waves in our planet’s gravitational field. Those who believe that the moon is a big satellite think that the creator might have been back. However, all of these are speculations as of now and only time can tell if they are correct.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Daily UFOs: Interesting video filmed over London

New video of a two unidentified flying objects flying over London, UK. This sighting was caught on tape on April 12, 2015.

Monday, April 13, 2015

UFO video filmed over New York City - April 2015

Check out the latest footage on UFOs Daily! Here's a new video of a two bright unidentified flying objects flying across the night sky above New York City on April 11, 2015.

Veteran American Pilot Who Flew Obama In A Campaign Tour Admits UFO Encounter

Former Obama pilot Andrew Danziger claims to have spotted a UFO during a routine flight between Kansas and Iowa in April 1989. Danziger says that he was not the only one who spotted the unusual aerial white object floating through the thin clouds as the captain also saw the same.

Danziger, who flew U.S. President Obama during his campaign tour in 2008, allegedly saw the white disc changed into a giant red ball and glowed for around 30 seconds before it disappeared into the clouds. The veteran pilot further claims that the captain also saw the same UFO from the cockpit for approximately 40 minutes before it started to change colour and vanished.

Danziger compared the UFO to the moon faintly visible through the thin fog. He says that they were certain that they saw something not from Earth, though admits that neither of them had anything in mind what they had witnessed.

When Danziger told what they had seen to other pilots, he learned that many of them often saw UFOs while flying the skies across America.

Danziger says that they were told not to talk about UFOs, so they briefed the station agent on duty not to mention about their encounter to any of their co-workers.

Danziger stresses that he is not the only pilot to have spotted an unexplained flying object in the skies. He points out that virtually all pilots believe in unidentified flying objects.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Latest UFO Sightings 2015

Have the aliens finally decided to show themselves up to humans? Why is it that only celebrities are able to sight UFOs? Why is it that only they believe that we are not alone in this world?

Some of the latest UFO sightings in the world have been seen not only by celebrities alone, but also by some others. In January, there were three New Mexico sightings in a matter of four days. According to the eyewitness, it was going quite fast. He suspected that it could have either been a weather balloon, but also could not verify it from the distance.

A UFO hovered in Britain on March 8th, 2015 – International Women’s Day and was reported by Open Minds as having seen a star like light emanating from the sky and moving faster than an airplane. These days, many people have started reporting UFO sightings. Recently, in Oregon, there was a case of a UFO emitting black-like negative energies and this happened on the 27th of March, 2015. The craft seemed to be as dark as a black-hole to those who spotted it.

On the 17th of March, in Ferndale, California, a UFO was spotted after a 5.1 magnitude earthquake took place in the area.

Recently, in the United Kingdom, hundreds of people spotted a large UFO that made sounds like it would emanate from only a WW2 bomber plane. Many people not only saw many aircrafts, but also heard strange sounds starting from the 24th of March, 2015.

On March 29th, 2015, there was a UFO sighting over Colima Volcano, Mexico. The volcano is suspected to be the base of UFO activities or alien activities. The area was well-known for its UFO sightings in the past and has been a well-kept secret till now. In fact, in January 2015, a UFO with two tails was sighted coming from the same volcano and it was called the “Dark Horse”. Some UFOs were sighted in Delhi, India recently in the month of March 2015 and recently, in a lake in Canada, a huge UFO crashed and fell down. Photographing in the area was strictly prohibited. Odd cloud formations have also been likened to alien visits to our planet. In fact, most clouds that were spotted having an odd shape have been connected to alien visits.

Alien sightings have always been connected in the past with natural disasters or changes in the climate and these assumptions are coming true since these UFO sightings happened during such times. These are, however, things to continue pondering about till we actually discover that there is indeed life outside the earth’s atmosphere.

A world and life beyond that on earth may exist beyond the skies. Life forms that are more intellectual as compared to ours’ may have been visiting the earth for centuries. In the year 2015, it has, however, become very clear that there are life forms outside the earth and that we are not alone due to the number of visits to our planet and also due to the number of sightings by people.

Triangle UFO filmed over cathedral in Sevilla, Spain

Interesting paranormal sighting of a triangular-shaped formation of unknown lights hovering in the night sky above Sevilla in Spain. This was taken on April 9, 2015.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Circle UFO over South Carolina

Here's one interesting video with photos of a ring-shaped object hovering in the sky above New Ellenton in South Carolina.
They were taken on April 8, 2015.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

YouTube Video Shows Apparent UFOs Observing The Final Mission Of The Gemini Space Project

UFO researchers spotted not one, but two bright objects this week in a NASA photo shot in 1966, nearly 50 years ago, showing the last mission of the Gemini space project. Many concluded that these UFOs were alien spacecraft keeping an eye on the progress of mankind in exploring space. Meanwhile, some believe that this particular UFO discovery just featuring a flaw in a NASA photo from about 50 years ago.

The effort of YouTube UFO enthusiast Streetcap1 resulted on the find. Streetcap1 observed two multicolored dots on a photo taken by Gemini XII. The four-year Gemini program of the U.S. saw a number of significant firsts as it is the early phase of the country’s space program. Among the firsts are the first human spacewalk, first manned spacecraft to orbit the Earth at an altitude of 850 miles, and the first docking of two space ships.

UFO researchers believe that advanced alien race observed all those first developments. According to the observations made by blogger and UFO enthusiast Scott Waring, the two ships are in high detail and appear to be following the Gemini mission nearby to witness human history in the making.

Streetcap1 enhanced the NASA photo in the video he posted to the video sharing site. In the description, Streetcap1 called the two objects The Gemini Twins. The uploader doesn’t not rule out the possibility that the two are human-made satellites, but also notes that there were fewer satellites orbiting in 1966 than today.

A Bright Green UFO Reportedly Sounded Like A Lawnmower

A UFO with three large, bright, green lights reportedly seen by an Oklahoma witness at Tulsa. The witness said that it made a sound similar to a lawnmower and travelled as close as the tree top level. The sighting took place around 2 am on January 14, 2015 and filed in Case 62631 from the Mutual UFO Network’s witness UFO sighting map.

The witness saw the object from a patio door travelling toward her location. According to the report, the object with solid green lights in the sky moved from north airport area towards the witness. The witness stated that the lights were so round and bright, which made her wondered what was in the sky.

When the object came close to the house of the witness, she could immediately see three large bright green lights, but did not count them properly, so she suspected the object could have had more green lights. She could hear a loud noise from the UFO through her glass door. She described the sound like a loud lawnmower in the sky.

When the mysterious flying object came even closer, the witness saw bright flashing red light at the back of the strange flying thing. The witness said that she has been living near the airport and already seen different lights from airplanes and helicopters. But she never witnessed as many lights as what she had seen and never heard such strange sound from any aircraft. The UFO continued to move away to the southeast and disappeared from a distance.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Chances To Find Extraterrestrials Would Be Better At Older Super-Earths

Astronomer, Laura Schaefer at Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, has run computer simulations to know if these similar factors would result in the same on Earth-like planets, which are five times more massive than Earth.

Earthlike worlds that are around 2 to 4 times the mass of Earth would be capable of establishing and maintaining their oceans better than Earth, according to Schaefer’s finding. Her finding specifically suggests that super-Earths possibly keep their oceans vital for up to ten billion years. However, Schaefer notes that once alien worlds grew further, their ability to jumpstart oceanic growth will be hindered by size.
Schaefer, therefore, concludes that looking for ET life would be best possible at older super-Earths. Scientists and alien hunters at SETI might get better results if they use foreign oceans as their guide for extraterrestrial life. However, many aquatic inhabitants here on Earth are still unknown and yet to be explored. Perhaps, it would be best for scientists to start exploring deep into Earth’s ocean to discover a life that is equally alien.

The elements that help sustain life on Earth may also present in extragalactic super-Earths as suggested by a new study. These alien worlds are believed to contain similar eon-spanning oceans that play a significant role in the birth and evolution of Earth life.

It has been scientifically established that water is necessary for life and its development. Earth’s oceans appear to have been designed for all terrestrials as they have been around for billions of years, allowing water to catalyze a release of biological complexity.

Infant Earth was bombarded by countless of comets and asteroids. Water ices and rocky materials from outer solar system hit our planet. Accumulated alien ices covered the titanic gulfs surrounding Earth’s continents while also depositing the enormous amount of water in the planet’s mantle. Entire oceans lie beneath the seafloor because of the continuous subduction of Earth’s tectonic plates. These oceans are waiting to be brought back to the global water table by mid-ocean ridges and deep-sea volcanoes.

Triangle UFO over Long Beach, California

This interesting UFO video was uploaded to MUFON today. It looks like this triangle-shaped formation was hovering above Long Beach in California on April 5, 2015.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

UFO sightings map

Soon, we are going to have a live UFO sightings map on our website. You could even upload your own videos of sightings to our UFO sightings map page. Where does your city rank in terms of UFO sightings? Find out using our special UFO sightings map.

Long before E.T. could fly across the sky on a cute little bicycle, we have been tracking the different UFO sightings and have decided to prepare a map out of them. If you believe that you have seen a real UFO and have even managed to take a video of one flying, then you could share it with us. We will even feature the best videos and put them on top of our blog. We would be running a geospatial analysis on the variegated UFO sightings and even putting up the stats that would go to show how many UFOs have been sighted in your locality.

You could even personally visit those places, where the UFOs have been sighted most and who knows? Maybe you could sight a UFO too and trust your eyes enough to see a flying saucer.

We know that a lot of them might turn out to be space balloons, but then people keep seeing weird things in the sky every day. Texas seems to be the most paranoid out there and there are many other states in the U.S.A. where you could find people sighting UFOs on a daily basis. You could still give yourself a benefit of doubt that you have seen a real UFO. Our UFO sightings map is an excellent tool for academicians and researchers alike to use. You could use it to even predict where the next UFO could possibly come.

We are dedicated to solving the UFO mysteries of the world one by one. If you have a fascination with UFOs, then you must try out this UFO sightings map. You could personally become an investigator using our UFO sightings map. While not technically a map, we have put up a collection of UFO sightings across the world. Some of the sightings date as far back as 1943. Weird? There are many people, who have sighted UFOs even years ago. Moreover, you will find that the U.S.A. is the single largest country with the maximum UFO sightings followed by France and then, by Britain. France and Britain are less populated than Germany and have still seen more UFOs than Germany. You will notice many such discrepancies in the sightings. Aliens would definitely not distinguish one country from another and would not visit only one particular country more than another, if our logic serves us right. So, a UFO could be either a cultural phenomenon or for real.

You will be able to find out what the truth is using our awesome tool – the UFO sightings map. We will give you everything you need to know about UFOs. Our map will also show you what exactly you need to look for while looking for UFOs. It also turns out the aliens are indeed considerate enough not to disturb the earthlings and just pass by our planet.

Daily UFO sightings - April 7, 2015

Kazakhstan - April 3, 2015
A strange black circle was spotted in the sky above a village in northern Kazakhstan. Baffled residents captured the mysterious spectacle on video as it hovered in the air for fifteen minutes before dissipating.

El Paso, Texas - April 1, 2015
This night-time video of an unidentified flying objects was filmed over El Paso, Texas.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Similarity Of Martian Structures To Terrestrial Structures Could Uncover Evidence Of ET Life

NASA’s Curiosity rover captures photographs of rocks which may confirm that life once existed on the Red Planet.

Photographed at the Gillespie Lake outcrop in Yellowknife Bay, the photos show formations of what appear to be Martian rocks. According to Dr Nora Noffke, who spent two decades studying fossils of early microbes, the formations found in a former vast lake of Mars when it had surface water appear very similar to rock formations on Earth created by microorganisms.

Noffke told Astrobiology Magazine that she saw something very familiar in one image, so she took a closer look at it. She spent a couple of weeks investigating the image centimetre by centimetre, making sketches, and comparing images from Earth’s structures.

Published in PDF in the journal Astrobiology, her research examines structures of rocks on Mars and compare them to the remains of terrestrial microbial organisms, which used to be the most advanced life forms on planet Earth. Interestingly, after comparing, they match up.

With the evolution of life on Earth, moisture spread out the layers of organic matter, leaving behind microbial-induced patterns in rocks. She says that it’s a possibility that the Mars’ structures could have developed by natural erosion.

Noffke notes however that if structures on Mars are not of biological origin, then similarities on Earth would be beyond ordinary coincidence.

The tremendous number of images put online by NASA has sparked hundreds if not thousands of claims on what the rover has photographed while on Mars. Some believe that the rover found fast-growing fungus and leg bones on the Martian surface. However, the paper of Dr Noffke doesn’t claim to have found the answer to the question by David Bowie.

NASA’s planetary scientist Chris McKay says he has seen many papers only compare pile of Martian dirt with a pile of dirt on Earth. And because they look similar, these papers made an argument that the same mechanism must have developed each pile on Mars and Earth, explains McKay. He adds that argument like this is easy to make and not very convincing. However, McKay notes that Noffke’s paper presents details from careful analysis.

In order to test Noffke’s hypothesis, getting samples of rock from the Red Planet could be an ideal solution. But the current technology would not make it possible, and while NASA has plans for a sample return mission, it may not even take place in the near future.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

New York Wildlife Terrified By Jagged UFO

source: Youtube
The object made an unusual sound as it hovered for three minutes and disappeared, according to the cameraman. The witness claims he spotted a strange jagged-shaped UFO in the sky over New York.

Hovering in the mid-air during a clear daylight, the witness recorded the activity of dark, disc-shaped object on video. On January 15, the 14-second video became live to the public via YouTube. The amateur videographer says that he failed to record the entire mysterious activity because his phone shut down with unusual overheating issue.

According to the witness, the UFO scared away the wildlife nearby because of the strange noise from it.

Von Edgar-Land, the YouTube user who uploaded the video, asks if anyone can identify the object.

The uploader says that his UFO sighting happened on January 14, 2015. He saw the UFO for around 3 minutes while making a weird noise that caused the birds to fly away.

The witness reveals that he used his iPhone to record his UFO sighting on video, but it mysteriously shut off with overheating sign.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Dwarf Aliens On Martian Surface

UFO observer Scott Waring believes that Martian surface once held a tribe of dwarves. He came up such theory after discovering NASA pictures that apparently show remains of a long-lost race of tiny beings. He posted pictures online that seemed to show what he called an abandoned spaceship and a little ancient structure.

Other observers also noticed workmen, humans, and alien thigh bone in photos of the Red Planet’s surface. Waring thinks that the tiny inhabitants would only measure a few centimeters tall. He believes that it would be unscientific if he closes his mind and says that such thing is impossible.

He said that if a person says it’s not possible, he or she isn’t smart enough to see the big picture. He firmly believes that he spotted real anomaliesfrom ancient Martian culture.

Some speculate that if little green men once lived on Mars then they may have worshipped a being with similarity to Princess Nefertiti, wife of an Egyptian pharaoh.

Waring also spotted a face on one of the hills of Mars. He said that it looked like alien species because it does not look human. So, what happened to the micro-Martians if this speculation is true?

Well, Dr. John Brandenburg has the answer. He said that they were probably killed by another species. But he warned that noisy humans could be next.

Scientists have yet to find evidence of life anywhere in the Universe outside planet Earth, but signs are there.

In 2014, Curiosity Rover found a methane burp on Mars. Scientists are hopeful that they could find alien life in the form of bacteria similar to Earth, but no similar microorganisms have ever discovered on Mars yet. NASA researchers suggest that life possibly existed on the Red Planet when it was still wet enough for life as we know it.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

UFOs Declassified

Series 1, Episode 1: Black Triangle
Are we alone in the universe? In the 80s and 90s, sightings of dark, triangular flying objects began to occur across the world - many incidents remaining unexplained.

Series 1, Episode 2: Red Alert
Chilling accounts of UFO sightings. During the Cold War, sinister objects were seen flying above secret military bases. Were aliens monitoring the world's nuclear arsenal?

Series 1, Episode 3: Battle of Los Angeles
A compelling investigative series that examines hitherto secret files to probe the existence of alien life. What were the silvery objects that hovered over LA in 1942?

Series 1, Episode 4: Shoot 'Em Down
True stories of fighter pilot encounters with unidentified flying objects in our skies – including pilots who were ordered to ‘shoot ‘em down’.

Series 1, Episode 5: UFO Crash Sites 
Roswell is the most famous UFO story in history and a piece of debris found at the desert crash site might shed new light on what really happened in 1947.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Oklahoma: UFO Caught On Video By A News Team

Social media and print media have been flooded with UFO sightings for many years. However, most of these sightings were ruled out as natural phenomena or not being discussed by people who should clarify such mysterious phenomena. Many sightings are reported via word of mouth with no evidence at all. Some are backed by video or photo evidence. The credibility of the witnesses or the kind of proof usually presented is being ridiculed by a lot of skeptics.

However, the latest UFO sighting that being featured online seems to have the credibility of both the source and the proof at hand. On March 12, 2015, a mysterious bright object caught on a video camera while flying across the sky near the Shawnee Grand Casino during a live morning news broadcast. The KOCO morning team had posted a short 13-second video on their site, showing a bright, green object streaking across the sky. The camera that caught the mysterious aerial activity was positioned at the top of the Grand Casino.

The strange appearance of the UFO activity happened at the start of 6 AM traffic broadcast. As the object appeared in the background, no one ever mentioned it. Instead, a reporter went on to introduce their meteorologist.

The news team who apparently posted the video asks their viewers to tell what they think about the object. Many observers provided a range of opinions, from shooting stars to meteors and from aircraft to aliens. No idea about possible hoax was mentioned in the comment section, perhaps because of the fact that a news organization posted it. The least we could do as of the moment is to wait for the update from the KOCO News about the object.

Daily UFO sightings - April 1, 2015

Colorado, United States
Here's the one interesting video of unknown lights in the sky. This was taken on March 31, 2015.

Estero, Florida
Another great footage was filmed over US state Florida recently. This one was caught on tape on March 29, 2015.

Delhi, India
Another great piece of UFO video, this happened in the capital territory of India on March 30, 2015.